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Black Heart (Curse Workers Series #3)

Black Heart - Holly Black I'm not sure if this book is needing me to break out the cigarette-after-sex pic, the way I felt it completely necessary after the end of the Georgina Kincaid series, but I'm going to say that Black Heart made me experience some of those same feelings.Imagine me sending out vibes of love to Holly Black for not fubaring a great trilogy with an unsatisfying ending. My favorite series endings are ones in which you get enough closure without everything being wrapped up into a neat little package. The reading audience needs to be left with at least a little bit hanging, so we can retreat inside of our heads for a moment and imagine what could possibly happen next. Ms. Black nailed the ending perfectly for the Curseworkers series.At least I don't need to stand on my soapbox anymore to get the word out about the Curseworkers. By now, I've managed to find several other fans to converse with about these books. Fans of dark, snarky, or offbeat UF such as Anna Dressed in Blood or Hold Me Closer, Necromancer might find this trilogy to their liking. IT'S A FLIPPING MAFIA FAMILY who can work curses with the touch of an ungloved hand. What's not to be intrigued about?I'm not even in the mood to go into a summary of the book. There was snark, there was crime, etc. etc. I won't spoil the Lila & Cassel story. However, I did have one spoiler that I wanted to talk about which upset me : Is it sad that I wanted Barron and Daneca to end up together?Jace's (from Mortal Instruments) alternate-world cameos were even less noticeable this time. He walked into a public room and did some sort of work on a laptop. That's about it.This might be one of the least informative reviews I've written in a while but I'm okay with that. I'm a fan of this trilogy. I like that it's not a female-driven story, nor does it have a female lead. There aren't many YA Urban Fantasy books being sold these days which aren't heavy handed when it comes to overdoing it with sappy love. Thankfully, there are at least a few rare gems out there like this amidst a sea of pnr clones.