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Checkmate (A Neighbor from Hell, #3)

Checkmate (A Neighbor from Hell, #3) - R.L. Mathewson Check out my collective review with friends for tREEoLA here!A Story of Hot ChocolateYou can drink it in your carYou can drink it at a barYou can drink it in a chairYou don't even have to shareYou can have it with some creamIt is sure to make you gleamYou can smell it from afarBe sure to store it in a jarBut for the love of all that's holyDon't you dare steal it from RoryBelieve it or not, that was an actual summary of the book. I think I read more about one woman's love of hot chocolate/cocoa than I did anything else. I should have thought to look up how many times the word cocoa was used. Checkmate was decent enough, but I didn't feel the same magical spark that I experienced while reading the first Neighbor From Hell installment. All of the same components were there...we had humor, torture, sexual tension, etc. For all of that, I did enjoy the story. Maybe I just fell in love with Jason and Hayley's personalities from the first book so much more. Connor from this book did win me over in the end after I found out why he did some of the things that he did, but wow, he sure came across as annoyingly chauvinistic for a while. It does count with me that the person changed eventually, so I'm not knocking him...I just didn't warm up to him as easily as I did with Jason because Jason had that fun and crazy vibe which Connor was lacking.Story wise, we had a little hiccup going on between the 20-40% mark. It took me well over a week to get the motivation to delve back into the story after it stalled out. However, I am glad that I did. Once the chemistry kicked in, I truly enjoyed the rest of my time reading. Strong points :Humor - I laughed at some of the stunts Connor pulled when he was terrorizing Rory.Sexual tension - I never thought I'd enjoy reading so many kissing scenes back-to-back. For some reason, it never got repetitive to me. I found the lead-up to the actual sex scenes to be just as fun as anything else. Weak points :The construction story was boring - I would have preferred another vehicle to bring these two together.The hot cocoa ridiculousness - This should have been mentioned no more than 5 times max. This habit of Rory's was a setup for something that came later in the story, but I still would have gotten what Connor was trying to do, even with far fewer mentions of cocoa.There were a few minor spelling issues...but only a few.Overall, this was still a fun and sexy read There was nothing new or ground-breaking going on, but I'd rank this just slightly above average for a contemporary romance.