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Suddenly You

Suddenly You - Lisa Kleypas This is not my favorite Kleypas book by a long shot but I can't say that I had a bad time either. If it was genetically possible, I'd still allow this woman to have my love children (along with Ms. Mead of course), which has to mean that even when her books aren't up there in the "epic love" category, they're still never bad reads if you're looking for a fluffy diversion.Let's sum this one up in another lazy weekend review :Beautiful, yet emotionally unavailable spinster author meets dashingly handsome younger man. He's posing as a male escort, when in reality, he's involved in the world of publishing. The usual cat and mouse game happens for most of the story, with a brief interlude of virginity-taking and plentiful amounts of sexxorzing in the middle of the book.For whatever reason, Suddenly You caused me to create a strange mashup of The 40 30 Year Old Virgin meets Girls Gone Wild, the historical edition in my head. Strangely enough, these were not two separate movie characters. SY's female lead was one character leaping back and forth between night and day personality shifts. And then...just when I was getting used to night, day came back around and smacked me upside the head.It's typical angsty historical romance drama. You love it, you hate it, you just want them to go back to bed...because after all, that's the best part of the book.The story itself was sort of average. I've never been a fan of the dreaded secret baby plot device, so that was another deterrent. It probably didn't help that the last Kleypas book I read was Again the Magic and that one was probably my favorite to date. The title lived up to its name because it truly was magical.Anyway, this book still filled my fluff quota for the week. It was decent enough that it got the job done and the lovin' was nice as always. I'm still a card-carrying Kleypas fan. Probably always will be.