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Again the Magic

Again The Magic - Lisa Kleypas 4.5 stars. The only thing which kept me from holding back on a 5 star is that I missed the frequent humor which I've loved in other books by this author. The reason I consistently recommend Kleypas to friends of mine who don't read historical romance is because many of her books have it all : good story, steamy romance, and plenty of moments which will make you laugh.That said, this is still probably my favorite Kleypas to date. I had tears come to my eyes quite frequently while reading. From the very beginning, I was drawn into Aline and McKenna's story. The normal Kleypas romance formula of a slow-building relationship was ignored in Again the Magic. Within the first couple of chapters, we were witness to a strong and consuming love affair, told from the perspective of two childhood friends turned love interests. As would be the case for a full-length book, it's rarely possible for true love's happiness to be obtained so easily. Circumstances forced this pair apart, and McKenna was only brought back in search of Aline to impart revenge for his broken heart and the bitter spirit he was left with when she shattered his world over 12 years earlier. So often, misunderstanding and lack of trust is the main reason for couples in romances to ignore the truth right in front of them. I would like to assure you that this was not the case but then I would be lying. However, I was too caught up in anticipation of what was to come to even care. Aline carried fear in her heart that her former love would not be able to see past the scarred and burned body hidden underneath her clothing, so she kept the truth about her former rejection of McKenna a secret, in order to keep him at arm's length (you can guess how well that goes!). It's a shame when people can't trust in love, and I wish sometimes that characters would have more faith in the people who claim to love them, but then again, it would shorten the story by more than half, wouldn't it? The reward of seeing Aline and her love find a sweet reunion made everything better. In the case of this couple, they were one of the better matched pairings I've read in a book. Not once did I think one of them was better than the other. I love seeing two people become become such a perfect fit together.There was also a side story of Aline's sister finding her own happiness. The story was pleasant enough to read, but I felt it an unnecessary addition.