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Goddess of the Hunt

Goddess of the Hunt - Tessa Dare 3.5 stars. I'm torn whether to round this book up or down. The first half was such a great read. There was humor, sparring, angst, and wicked scheming to be had. The second half dragged somewhat, although the ending was sweet. I found the humor was almost abruptly cut from the book in favor of forcing too much back-story. This book was written in a pretty traditional historical romance format, meaning that there wasn't anything unpredictable about the story, which was to be expected. HR is a bit watered down compared to Historical Fiction (I like both for different reasons). The historical details are quite often only used to describe the setting and clothing and not much else. The main reason why I do prefer HR to contemporary romance is because it allows me to indulge in my guilty pleasure men without having to feel like I need to write a long review about why the men should not be acting in such a horrible manner (as I would be forced to with contemporaries). Jeremy, our lead, actually wasn't all that alpha in the traditional sense. Sure, he brooded and scowled and had a signature "look." He threatened and bullied and demanded his way at times. Underneath, he was just a big ole softy. I mean come on - he felt guilty that he bruised his woman after a romp outdoors. It's called "enthusiastic sex," buddy. I guess he wouldn't make a very good BDSM dom, that's for sure!Jeremy's "look" :The Look could mean different things at different times, depending on the recipient and the occasion. It could mean, "Hold your tongue." It could mean, "Lift your skirts." On one particularly memorable occasion, it had mean, "Put down the damned candlestick before you embarrass us both."He was most appealing during his moments of pursuit : He caught her hand in his. "Believe me," he whispered. "When I wish to be, I can be very convincing."~Call my name. Not God's, or the devil's, or any man's in between. Mine.The shining star of the book was Lucy. She was free-spirited, a bit bratty, completely clueless toward men, and absolutely confused about what she wanted. I loved her for it. My favorite HR heroines are the ones who fly through life at a breakneck speed, while wanting to discover themselves and the world around them. Lucy's plotting and scheming made her even that much more fun to read about :What was it about helplessness men found so attractive? She supposed they must enjoy the illusion of superiority. Well, Lucy did not feel the least bit helpless or inferior, and her pride rebelled against the notion of feigning either state. Oh, but she was going to do it anyway.All in all, Goddess of the Hunt was a pleasant read. I've become a bit jaded with historical romance, finding that if there isn't enough humor or something else to balance out the love story, I get bored and can't finish the book. There's only so much stalling and posturing I can take on the road to a couple finding out they were meant to be together. That's why I don't read much of it these days outside of Kleypas books. This author had a few stumbling points but I think I was satisfied enough that I might consider trying another one of her books at some point.