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Prelude to a Scandal (Scandal Series)

Prelude to a Scandal - Delilah Marvelle So the fluff binge-reading train keeps rolling on, no matter how hard I keep trying to buckle down and hit up some more serious reads again.There were just a couple of weird scenes near the front of the book comparing human mating with animals that threw me off, and this author uses a few bedroom terms that are so 1980's (every time I see a word like "member" I have flashbacks of reading Cosmo in high school, and that wasn't even the worst of it).What made me really fall into the story though was the author's ability to write interesting characters and witty banter. I never get tired of a couple's back-and-forth sparring if it's done well. It was very cute that instead of chapters, each section was labeled scandal one, two, etc. There really wasn't any "scandal" at all to be honest! The female lead was reading from a book throughout the story about how to avoid a scandal, so that much was sort of misleading!Justine is a great character, determined to break the sexual deviant that's taken over her man. He's a self-proclaimed "sex addict" and insists to his new betrothed that he can not be around other women (including female housekeepers, hah) ever or he will break down and do something to regret. She, of course, does the only thing that makes sense to her - deny him what he wants every step of the way! Yes, she's a bit of the optimist, but her stubborn nature eventually manages to overcome his pride. It's a basic HR, so you know what's coming, but I still enjoyed the outcome.