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The Redhead Revealed

The Redhead Revealed - Alice Clayton Smiling is good. Laughing is great. Add in some sexy time and it gets even better.3.5 stars. Alice Clayton excels at entertaining a reader. The Redhead series might not be the most polished set of books I've ever experienced, but sometimes entertainment trumps flair...especially when you're in need of a pick-me-up. Her books read like a cross between a riotously funny chick lit and an extremely sexy contemporary romance.This second installment reminded me vaguely of the book Effortless, except that some of the drama was substituted with humor instead. That's absolutely a good thing because too much drama can get to be tiring. There were a few chapters of couple's angst toward the end but I only rolled my eyes once or twice. I swear. You can trust me (no I'm not whistling innocently over here. You can't prove anything!). I can only imagine what it would be like though to be in a long-distance relationship with a budding movie star when you're 9 years older than the man you love.The tabloids alone could kill it : I was called Grace Sheridon't, Grace McOldAss, and That Redheaded Hamilton Fucker.The Characters :Jack (a.k.a. Johnny Bite Down) and Grace were still fun and sexy. The cutesy terms were scaled back somewhat but not enough for my liking.Jack's still got it -He was leaning against the town car, looking like a wet dream come true. Black jeans, black v-neck sweater, leather jacket. He gave great lean.The Humor :It was on point. The New Kids and Golden Girls references still ruled.The Steam :The trifecta is complete. I love this author's way of writing sex scenes. Grace is one lucky woman.The first scene after Grace showed Jack a previous picture of herself when she was still heavy, while admitting that she never fully got used to being thin again."You. Are. Beautiful," he whispered in my ear, punctuating each word with a thrust.The Fly in the Ointment :I still feel like there are too many awkward moments of humor in unnecessary places. This gives off the impression that the author is trying to tap dance her way into our hearts while shoveling delicious cookies in our mouths at the same time. I mean, I like cookies and all...but yeah. I don't like being drowned in cutesy terms and slapstick comedy while sex is about to go down. It took a while for some of the story outside of the "Jack and Grace sex-a-thon" to finally appear and when it finally did, it came in a big wave of drama.The last few chapters should have been moved to book 3. I thought the book was over...and then it wasn't. Even so:This is a fun series! If you like to smile or like to get hot and bothered while reading, you'll probably enjoy the Redhead vibe.