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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War - Doing something in reverse bit me in the butt this time. I started the book but didn't get very far in before seeing the movie.What I thought the movie was going to be :What I actually got :Damn, those zombies were fast.Yes, I am only doing all of this to amuse myself, for the rest of you probably see my self-perceived cleverness as silly. But World War Z the book was a series of interviews, so of course my mind goes right to Brad Pitt's other role having to do with interviews...what was I to do???Anyway, let's get back to the point. If you are expecting the book and movie to match up, you'll be completely frustrated.WWZ the movie : action packed, time on the run, most of it told in one person's PoV.WWZ the book : the complete opposite of that. No joke.Anyhoooo (help me, I'm turning into my mother), after I got back from the movie (which was quite entertaining, btw) and picked up the book again, I was all WHAT THE EFF? Is this the same thing? So I put it down for a couple of days. You know, to clear my head and all that. Then I picked it up again. And read it for real. And it wasn't bad. I really wish I'd read it first now because the warped not-alike movie was more entertaining, and it hampered my ability to get into the book the same way that I might have before. But what can you do? Oh yeah. Right. Don't watch the movie first. That's what you can do. Or do watch the movie first, if you have no desire to read a book in which much of it is about the retelling of events, interview style. If you'd rather just start out your time with people on the run from zombies, I'd gather that the movie is a safer bet.Was this supposed to be a book review? Because I don't think I said much about the book, did I? I thought the book was okay but can't really say why. It was all over the place. The jumping around between viewpoints isn't my favorite style of story-telling, especially when you can't get a feel for who is telling the story/giving the recollection. I felt sort of detached because of the writing style. I'm sure that it works for a lot of people, but it didn't completely work for me. This was good enough that I was able to get through it, but there's nothing compelling enough to make me want to re-read it or even recommend it.Movie Grade : B (even with failing to stick to the book)Book Grade : C (even though it was more unique than the movie)