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Lord of the Fading Lands (Tairen Soul Series #1)

Lord of the Fading Lands - C.L. Wilson Re-reading with Michelle, Ian, Becs, Val, etc. because I just love this series so much that I will probably re-read Tairen Soul any time someone shows a possible interest in wanting to give it a shot.* Uh so the review below...I think this was the second attempt at a half-assed review of this book that I posted last year. I may try again after this re-read or I may not. *So I feel like I'm doing Terry a disservice by letting her rep this series on a solo mission here.My original review wasn't very convincing of just how epic this series is.Let's see if I can do better. Tairen Soul is the absolute best in both the epic Fantasy and Romance genres. You get all of the payout of an epic/high fantasy : Descriptive world building, alternate races, conflict & wars, use of magic, etc. You also get the benefit of a timeless love story. It's so rare to find a couple as engaging as Rain and Ellie. There's even a little bit of the steam factor as the series develops. I even relished several scenes that made me chuckle. It's hard not to giggle at a scene in which the heroine unwittingly uses her magic to turn a royal dinner party into an aphrodisiac laced hotbed of a mess.One extra little surprise of Tairen Soul is the added PNR factor : The main character is not only half fey, but he's also half Tairen (a race that turns into a FLYING CAT! - come on, that is all kinds of win and you know it).Please, please, please ignore the cheesy cover. These books are chock full of so much goodness. As the story unfolds, you find more and more characters to love. I have never read any book series in which I have fallen in love with just about EVERYONE in the story, even little side characters. Wilson did such a fabulous job of drawing me into the world of Celiria and the Fading Lands. I could so live there.