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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion With the new season of The Walking Dead back on tonight, I thought I'd go back and take a look at some killer (hah) zombie fiction. The closest book to the show Walking Dead that I've read is [b:The First Days|9648068|The First Days (As The World Dies A Zombie Trilogy, #1)|Rhiannon Frater|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1312075271s/9648068.jpg|5431515], so if you're needing more of that gory, survivalist-type of zombie book, I'd check that one out.This book, however, is fresh in my mind due to the author himself making some recent comments that he's not altogether thrilled about some book stores shelving his book as Young Adult instead of Adult fiction. As a reader who reads both YA and adult, I was sort of put off by this. After all, don't bite the hand that feeds you, right? A big portion of readers who have gravitated toward this book are YA readers. I even found out about the book through YA friendly readers. Does the book read like adult or YA? Well, I have it shelved as New Adult/College because the female is on the younger side (19), but the male lead is hinted at being older. I honestly think the book would work for readers of both YA and adult fiction. It's an easy read but there's nothing young feeling about the book, other than getting to dodge a bullet on some of the extraneous world building that can happen in adult books, which is a bonus in my opinion. What makes this book stand out is some of the dry humor and the amusing take on a zombie love story. This may not be a hardcore zombie book, but sometimes different is perfectly okay!Original Non-review March 2012Every so often, I decide to bypass writing a review, in favor of letting the book speak for itself. These quotes could probably sell you far better than my own words would.I notice a female on the opposite conveyor. She doesn't lurch or groan like most of us; her head just lolls from side to side. I like that about her......Eating is not a pleasant business. I chew off a man's arm, and I hate it.Of course if I don't eat all of him, if I spare his brain, he'll rise up and follow me back to the airport, and that might make me feel better. I'll introduce him to everyone, and maybe we'll stand around and groan for a while......We sit against the tiles of the bathroom wall with our legs sprawled out in front of us, passing the brain back and forth, taking small, leisurely bites and enjoying brief flashes of human experience.'Good...shit,' M wheezes......He is gaping at a late-night soft-core movie. I don't know why he does this. Erotica is meaningless for us now. The blood doesn't pump, the passion doesn't surge. I've walked in on M with his 'girlfriends' before, and they're just standing there naked, staring at each other, sometimes rubbing their bodies together but looking tired and lost......"Why is it beautiful that humanity keeps coming back? Herpes does that too.".....I suck in air and attempt to sing. "You're...sensational..." I croak, struggling for a trace of Frank's melody.There's a pause and then something shifts in Julie's demeanor. I realise she's laughing."Oh wow," she giggles. "That was beautiful, R, really. You and Zombie Sinatra should record Duets, Volume 2."I cough. "Didn't get...warm-up."