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Talk Me Down

Talk Me Down - Victoria Dahl Say it out loud : FUHHHH...FUHHHH...FUUUUHHNNNNN...UHHNNNNNN...FUN.Warning : This book may cause smiles, giggling, laughing, and/or snorting. Talk Me Down was a good time. The story was basic, the mystery was easily solved, and I doubt I'll remember much else about the book other than the fact that it was cute, funny, and sexy. Sometimes that's all I need, especially after reading one extremely emotional book, one lengthy high fantasy, and a book with characters who made me want to sit in a corner and rock back and forth with horror (okay, so it wasn't quite that bad, but still...).Ben and Molly may not have been high-brow and I loved that about them. The small-town setting and quirky characters made everything that much more endearing. Some have said this book was a bit more steamy than the usual mainstream but I wasn't complaining. The story itself revolved around an erotica writer (trying to keep her job a secret from the gossips) who moved back to the small town she grew up in, and the police chief who had always had a fascination with the now-grown woman he'd known as a teen. Ben's fascination turned to suspicion as he tried to find out the secret his new flame was keeping from him, which of course lead to a few capers along the way (yes, I actually used the word capers). Molly's gung-ho approach to roping the man she had her eyes on was downright amusing to watch. She was determined to get her way and she made no apologies for it. Whether she was accidentally setting off sirens during a steamy make-out session, or haphazardly almost choking on water in the shower, Molly had a flair for the dramatic, intentional or not. I watched it all unfold with great amusement."Oh. My. God." She thought she'd electrocuted herself with a defective sex toy.Encouraged, she started to move seductively toward him, but her bunny slippers slapped the floor and he blinked from his trance."I can see your panties," Ben hissed in a voice he thought was soft."Oh, sorry, Chief," Wilhelm called from the back. The truck shook when he bounced up and down to hitch up his jeans.Molly blinked, leaning forward. "Did you really just say, 'get down to business'?""Fuck, I think I just did.""Wow, I mean...Jeez."His chest began to shake with suppressed laughter."We could do that, I suppose, but I was really hoping we might 'do the nasty.' Or maybe 'hit a home run.' Or even...do you think we could play 'hide the sausage?' It's my favorite.""Yeah, after one and a half minutes in heaven, he rolled off me and told me I had a whole lot to learn about pleasing a man."Ben ran his hand down her hair and twirled a strand around his finger. "He comes home every year for Thanksgiving. I'll set up a drunk-driving checkpoint just for him.""Aw, you're so sweet."