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Surrender (MacKinnon's Rangers Series #1)

Surrender (MacKinnon's Rangers, #1) - Pamela Clare She dared not trust him.She had no choice but to trust him.Her life depended on him.I swear, I'm not trying to be difficult with all of the 3.5 star ratings lately that I've been handing out. It seems like I'm falling onto books which are good enough but not completely rocking my world. Surrender is good. I'm happy that I read it. I will definitely read on in the series. But I gotta go 3.5 again. Sorry. :(I know, I know. There's always a "but" in there somewhere, right? Well, let me explain. The first half of Surrender was incredible. Get this : a woman who was fleeing a horrible life is rescued by a man who ends up taking care of her while they're on the run. Said man carried her around like she was a baby in a sling for who knows how many miles...and he did it like it was nothing to him. He must have an incredible body drive.Between the survival aspect, the time on the run, the growing sexual tension, etc. I was glued to the pages and couldn't get enough of the buildup in the first half. The second half bugged the hell out of me though. Instead of the story evolving into a lovely blend of historical fiction and romance, we headed off the path into this :At the first sharp touch of the cold blade against her mound, she whimpered, as much from arousal as fear. "Oh, please, Iain, dinnae-!"REALLY?!? Was there any reason for a "personal shaving" scene in a historical romance? I think I sat there and said WTF out loud at least 3 times. Ladies and Gentlemen, we now interrupt your viewing of America : A Country at War for a Nair commercial.It all went downhill from there. The first half of this book was enchanting. The second half felt like filler on the way to the HEA. The ending/epilogue was actually lovely.I still enjoyed the book overall.