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Boundless - Cynthia Hand Dear God,I don't want to die. Not now.Sincerely,Clara GardnerThis is a fairly spoiler-free review (outside of the tags), but there are some spoilers in the comments, so avoid the comments if you havent' read this.That ending! If only I could tell you my thoughts about the ending! For the most part, I think Ms. Hand did alright. I shamefully admit to being something of a whiny brat about the early direction of Boundless. There's such a thing as a comfort zone and I was not in it for the first half of this installment. I honestly had troubles with the new setting and turn of events. It's sort of a pet peeve of mine when series take a turn into the future, yet I still feel stuck in the past. But what am I complaining for? Of course I was going to be taken on a wild ride. I should have known not to question what was going to happen. It's the same thing I did with book 2, and I ended up dealing with everything just fine. When I know that I like an author's style, it should give me the confidence to be able to trust what's up around the bend. There were some new twists in this installment and even a couple of small things which managed to surprise me. The back and forth with the visions was interesting, yet frustrating at times? Maybe that was just my take on it though. Even though the use of the visions added extra snippets to the story which weren't bad to read, it all seemed like a too-convenient tool to use as a method of delivery. I'm probably nit-picking a little on that though. If you haven't tried out this series (trilogy, really), and love for your angel stories to be more on the sweet romance-y side with an extra dash of mystery and adventure, check these books out. If you want to read something darker, well...you're out of luck with this particular set of books. Even though there were technically "baddies," let's not kid ourselves here - a story with villains does not always equal dark. If you're looking for something less sweet, shoot me a message and we'll talk about darker. At the end of it all, I can say that I am happy. I am content. I am glad that I took the journey. It's a given that I'll be checking out whatever this author decides to write in the future. Plus, she mentioned Vampire Academy in this book, so I had a moment of let me love you toward Ms. Hand. I think I can support this woman.Totally random, but I really want to know what a whiff of cloud smells like. Misty air? Cotton? My spoiler musings for those who've finished the book : I'm glad that Clara and Tucker got back together, but poor Christian. He kind of had no ending. :( Maybe he and Clara will reunite after Tucker's been dead for a while (or maybe not, since it appears Tucker's not going anywhere anytime soon). I think that's the ending I've imagined in my head. It seemed like the Phen & Angela story should have had more completion. I wanted to know more about Jeffrey's life.It's been a while since I've gotten stuck writing a review and I'm not quite sure how to wrap this up. Guess it's time to just bring back a simple....FIN