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Academy 7

Academy 7 - Anne Osterlund This book ranked somewhere around 3.5 for me, but since I didn't feel excited enough about it to go as high as 4, I'll have to stick with a 3 star rating.The story itself is a fast read, and you will find yourself absorbed in the book early on. There isn't a lot of world building to have to muddle through, since the book is a standalone. I consider this both a plus and a minus. I almost wish that the author had considered a series. The plot has a good starting idea, and given the chance to develop, we could have been sucked into another universe, watching rebels on the brink of an uprising.But, ahhh...if only. Instead, we get too much awkward silence between the main characters, and an entire book of waiting for them to accept each other and find out what's keeping them apart. Oh, young love. Must you always be so difficult?Another thing that I was hyped about was the chance to read a YA that involved space travel and other planets. There just wasn't enough of it for me. I want more, darnit!The book fell short in both the romance department and the sci-fi department, leaving me wanting more. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the story. I just ended the book feeling like I was "so close, yet so far" from reaching book nirvana.