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Risking It All

Risking It All - Jennifer  Schmidt For whatever reason, I never read the summary past the first paragraph and thought this was a mature YA/new adult book. Then I went back right before I started and read the summary and glanced briefly at the GR shelving and thought I was going to be reading an erotic book.If I'd taken more than 10 seconds to look, I would have found that this is a contemporary romance.Note to self number 1 : figure out what you're reading before you start, so you're not completely puzzled about why you were expecting one thing and getting another.Note to self number 2 : quit reading books while you're half asleep so you don't forget things the next day and stare at a blank computer screen for 10 minutes trying to figure out what to put in your review.Note to self number 3 : take a trip to Alaska.Memphis and Kennedy have been friends for over 10 years. You know, I thought that was a fine starting sentence, until I realized that I'd written Anna instead of Kennedy. Was there even a character named Anna in this book? I don't think there was. It's time to refer back to note number 2 already, I guess...Okay, back to the review. This was a sweet little friends-to-lovers romance. I thought the idea of using a remote Alaskan resort as a location was a catchy idea. With most romances such as this, the couple would not have left the confines of the bedroom and the setting would have been wasted, but there were a few adventures for Memphis and Kennedy outside of the bedroom. Although, I would have loved to have learned more about the Alaskan setting in the process, other than the basics of the temperature and weather. Of course, there were going to be a few bumps in the road for this couple before they found their groove. The use of Kennedy's existing relationship as a barrier was not the best way of accomplishing tension though. The readers were clued in from the start that Kennedy was in a bad relationship. Heck, the main character even knew. So even if she was not going to hook up with her best friend, there was no reason for her not to drop the relationship she was in, instead of letting it drag on. The whole situation turned into "conflict for no reason." I would have preferred Kennedy and Memphis have a different obstacle to finding love other than a side relationship getting in the way. The chemistry was there. The setting was nice. Their back-story was sweet. I just wanted to see more sizzle...perhaps more adventure. It would have been nice to have seen this story get a slight adrenaline boost. If it wasn't going to be with more intense sex scenes, then I would have liked a crazy story twist.The steam level was pretty good for a contemporary romance. The limited amount of sex scenes were well-written but had me craving more, since we were dancing on the borderline of Kennedy discovering that she liked an extremely alpha male type (in the bedroom at least). In this case, I would have liked to have seen just how far these two would be willing to bend for each other. We got a taste of what things could be, but I think one more added scene with some extra intensity would have been the icing on the cake. While I like a couple who treats each other with friendship and respect, I wanted to see more of the raw desire that had been pent up for over 10 years finally become unleashed in a stronger way. Sexual content/language ahead.I would have loved to have seen this attitude (in the bedroom only) pushed stronger to the forefront of the story :"Mine," he growled as he thrust back in."Yes," she groaned, pushing against him as he plunged into her, making him sink even deeper."Tell me.""Yours," she breathed, encouraging him with that one word to fuck her even harder. "I'm yours."Overall, this was a fine contemporary romance - a pleasant read with decent sex, but there was a slightly weak execution in bringing it all together.This book was provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.