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The Secret of Ella and Micha

The Secret of Ella and Micha - Jessica Sorensen The scream that shatters my mouth could shatter the world's happiness into a thousand pieces. But the silence that follows it is enough to dissolve it completely.3.5 stars. With a review opener like that, you'd think I was about to delve right into talking about how crazy this book was, or how shocking the secret was. Picture me doing that noise when you've hit a whammy...that wauh, wauh, wauh, noise. This book had a few secrets, but nothing really smacked me in the face. However, I did enjoy Ella and Micha It was a sweet and hot little friends-to-lovers story. Even though there was nothing new here and I felt like I'd read other, similar stories, I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys watching the guy chase the girl as he's teasing her, plying her, and sexily begging her to give him a chance. These are the types of romances which get one's heart beating just a little bit faster. I would have preferred to have seen less cliches (constant references to eye color and smells, bad boy that's used everyone girl in his path while he only truly wants the one girl who's always evaded him, etc.), over-used romance terms (coming apart, ripples deep inside my core, etc.), and music references which will date the story in a few years - this was still a good effort for a first-in-a-series book. Something about this author's writing style reminds me of Abbi Glines - this could be either a good thing or a bad thing. While Glines is excellent at sexual tension, she tends to recycle her characters and plots too much for my liking. I'm honestly unsure why Ella and Micha wasn't a standalone book instead of a series, but since I was entertained by this couple, I'll go along for the ride and see where things take me.Overall, the steam factor was decent for a New Adult, and the romance was engaging. Since the book straddles the line in content between YA and Adult, I could see it appealing to readers of either medium. You can't go too wrong with a hot, up-and-coming rock star. Here's hoping that the drama ahead doesn't go too far into silly groupie stratosphere.