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Weekends Required (Danvers, #1)

Weekends Required - Sydney Landon 2.5 stars. I'm going to go with definition number one : pleasing; agreeable; delightfulIn this case, nice ended up being pretty close to :First off, let me disclaimer that this book wasn't bad. In fact, Weekends Required was pretty standard CR fare : one couple is attracted to each other, yet they fight their feelings for a while until something happens to bring them together. Throw in a few small obstacles to further the plot along the way and there you go. Standard formula. By all reason, this book probably deserves at least a 3 star minimum rating because it's honestly not bad for a CR. However, when taking my enjoyment into consideration (I'm probably pickier than the average romance reader), I couldn't go higher than a 2.5, which is just shy of 'average' for me, since I'm rounding down instead of up.Some authors manage to work the formula better than others, whether it's by adding in some laughs, or amping up the steam. These are the books that get either a 3, 4, or the rare 5 star rating from me.Weekends Required ran somewhere along the lines of definition 1 - nice : pleasing; agreeable. Delightful doesn't really qualify in this case.However there did happen to be one delightful scene. It's hard not to be amused when the female lead is forced to jump out of a cake at a bachelor party for her boss's friend. Especially when the boss is the potential love interest. Talk about embarrassing!My thoughts in a nutshell :I wasn't completely bored with the entire book (there were some good parts).I neither liked nor disliked this book.I thought it was pleasant enough to pass the time.I was mildly entertained during the sex scenes.I found myself wondering why our heroine was accident prone.I still hate the use of the nickname baby.I got tired of Danvers referring to Claire as 'the stripper.' I failed to care what happened with the story of the mother.I wasn't sad to see it end.I doubt I'll remember much about this story.I doubt I'll read the next one.