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Crash (Crash, #1)

Crash (Crash, #1) - Nicole  Williams I'm about to blow everyone's minds by not complaining about what you all think I'm going to complain about.Honest. Okay, maybe I'm only 95% honest. I might mention the Jude issues just a little (picture me holding up a thumb and pointer finger and making the sign for little) bit. I'd already said I wasn't going to read the book because it might set me off, but it was gifted, so I wasn't going to check my gift horse for bad teeth.2.5 stars? I could probably go up to a 3 for readability's sake because the book was an easy read to get through and didn't bore me, but I probably won't because I didn't connect with the characters or story.Quite frankly, I wasn't really all that bothered by Jude's temper. This book was the diet cola version of Beautiful Disaster on that front. Jude had a few moments where he fell off the crazy train (or did he board it?), but *shrug shoulders* whatever. Not making excuses or anything, but at least he channeled a good portion of his anger toward a person who we found out later that he knew (mini-spoiler but you'd guess this anyway) all along was an actual danger/threat. He did say one thing near the end of the book that really irritated me, but I'll let all of the rage centered on Jude's behavior come from someone else (and I know it will from a few of my lovely friends) because I don't have the energy to work myself up over this when I've seen way worse from other YA book characters and I have other things I want to talk about in this review. Surprisingly, I found Jude to be more likable than Lucy. He may have played the role of martyr to death but he was trying to (in his own way of thinking) protect Lucy. Whereas Lucy was paranoid and sneaky, which was just kind of poopy. Yes, poopy. And she flip-flopped from saying inside of her head that she felt like she was going against what was healthy and independent by pretty much wanting Jude to "possess" her, then she'd try to act like a tough girl by shouting at and flipping people off. Mouthy doesn't equate to strong. I simply didn't get her at all - the contradiction was confusing. At least Jude was easier to read. So where was my mind focused instead, if it wasn't on the drama?Like I already stated, the book was readable and easy to get into. However, it was so far-fetched in places. Am I really supposed to believe that a guy who has never played ball in his life is all of a sudden going to step into the role of quarterback and become an overnight sensation, to the point of colleges and NFL teams jockeying to recruit him? I think I've seen this before...Pop-Culture reference number 1 : The Blind Side. It also didn't help that Lucy miraculously scored a cheer-leading spot at the same time with no tryout. What a fabulous coincidence!Pop-Culture reference number 2 : Fifty Shades of Grey. Before your mind starts going there, I'm not referencing contracts, inner goddesses, or BDSM. This one has to do with the shade of Jude's eyes. I saw everything from : the shade of light gray that is a nickel, to pewter, to molten silver, to charcoal & black (and there were a few other shades but I wasn't thorough enough to list them all). If I met a guy who had eyes that could light up silver, I'd probably want to jump on him too because I'd assume he had super-powers if he could manipulate his eyes like that.Pop-Culture reference number 3 : A picture is worth a thousand words. It's the iconic Baby and Johnny.I can't divulge this without using a spoiler tag, so only read this if you've read the book or don't mind reading spoilers. Remember the scene where Baby freaked out because she thought Johnny was the "baby daddy" for his best friend's baby? But the friend really got knocked up by a complete douchebag? Well in this case...Baby would be Lucy, Jude would be Johnny, Holy would be the best friend, and Sawyer would be the douchebag. Hell yeah. That scene is straight out of Dirty Dancing. Random but was there really a character named Sawyer Diamond? Really? So not funny when your main character is named Lucy from the Beatles' song.I honestly think that a lot of people will love the book. I am not seeing red over Crash the way I'd almost expected. I rolled my eyes a few times and thought a few moments were over-the-top but it could have been worse. My lower rating is more for ridiculous details within the story and a few awkward character contradictions, not the overall enjoyment factor of reading the book. For a story, it was entertaining enough, if nothing special. Fans of drama books or crazy love stories might enjoy Crash. Although, I personally don't think this was worth the buzz that's been going around. Not by a long shot. Finally...it's never a complete review until I manage to find a form of the "your love is a drug" reference in a high-drama book : Jude was the sickness I didn't want to be cured of. He was the intoxicant I never wanted to be clear of.