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Dead of Eve

Dead of Eve (Volume 1) - Pam Godwin I'm going to pull an Ash and not rate this book because I'm not sure what to think. Trigger Warnings : Rape, bad pop culture references, incest, baby-kicking, bugs feasting on humans, religion bashing, grotesque race-mutating and medical experimenting, excessive gore, woman-shaming, abuse of sex toys, and a ridiculous love triangle pentagon.If any book is going to get people talking it's going to be this. Are we talking in a good or bad way? Heck, I don't know. I can't imagine anyone reading through without having at least a couple of their buttons pushed.This book was entertaining as all get-out. It was fierce, rough, and campy at the same time. A sex-crazed woman is left alone on earth among few men and multiple aphid-mutated humans. But for some reason, I wasn't laughing my way through the book, even though there were plenty of reasons to be laughing. There was actually a decent story foundation in place. The aphid virus and Evie's response to it was quite an interesting idea. This part of the equation was what made the read enjoyable (Roark didn't hurt either. Yum. If I was going to be facing down the end of life as we knew it, I'd want a Roark by my side). Are aphids the new zombie? What sort of trouble is an aphid-resistant, sex-junkie, badass female going to get into in a world of evil and gore? The answer is : A whole lot of trouble.Where I (and other readers before me) have run into a roadblock is with the extremist views of the villains and how they tie to a specific religion and people. I'm not sure why this part of the story couldn't have been attributed to a broader, more vague belief system, or even something made up. The way it comes across (whether intended or not) is that there's a bias bordering on hate against certain belief systems.I won't take the time to say much about the extreme gore and sexual assaults. There is a disclaimer in the synopsis, so I knew what I was getting into. Was it all a bit much? I think it might have been if the book is being marketed as more mainstream than taboo. I get that violence and perversion would come into play in a dog-eat-dog (or aphid-eat-human) end of the world scenario, but there comes a point where you can probably decide to limit the amount of graphic scenes to a handful and still have the same desired effect as you would have by including many.Will I read book 2? I don't know. When I weigh the entertainment factor against some things which didn't sit right with me, it's a tough call to make. If nothing else, I'd be curious to see others read the book and give me their own interpretation of it.