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Caged Warrior (Dragon Kings)

Caged Warrior - Lindsey Piper Leto's side : Three matches. Keep her alive. Then his comatose younger sister would be protected forever.Nynn's side : Leto was the alpha she needed in order to survive. To get her son back.WOMEN ARE DRAGON KINGS. BAD-ASS.There's so much to love about Caged Warrior. Aside from the "women can be kings" angle, there's the whole "cage match" thing going on. Leto and Nynn have their own reasons for needing to fight, and much of their interactions revolve around Leto training Nynn to become the strong warrior that she was born to be. In theory, this should be the type of heart-pumping action which would normally hook me, and it did...up to a point. I wasn't fully grasping why the training went on...and on...and on. At least a small portion of the training could have been hinted at happening off-page. The dragon ancestry and lore should have been more developed in favor of cutting back some training scenes.Leto is one of those characters who should tick all of the boxes for being a dynamic male lead, but his jackassery at the start left me feeling lukewarm to his appeal until extremely late in the game. I don't care how tough a trainer needs to be in order to break through to the person they're training, when I see a passage in which the male lead thinks nothing of grabbing an abused female by the crotch, I'm going to be turned off. As well, the scene in which he (look only if you want to know) taunted a man to take Nynn sexually, just to prove a point (even if he wouldn't have allowed it to happen) was something that took "pushing someone to their breaking point" way past a place that I wanted to see. Just because you need to be hard on someone in order to get through to them, it doesn't mean it has to happen in that specific way.It took far too long for Leto to show that he could be a hero worth cheering for. I wanted to know more about this "god bent on laying waste to cities" than we were shown.When they stepped into a Cage together, they moved and breathed as one. Unified and deadly. He didn't want that - not permanently. But to feel it just once?My prediction : fans of traditional PNR are going to be split down the middle about this series. There is a strong sexual element present, but romance is not really the focus. I felt that the direction of the story was focused mainly on character growth and discovery, with some raw primal urges thrown in to make the it fit within the parameters of PNR.There was almost an old-time Gladiator feel to the presentation. Even though magic and dragon-lineage was the explanation given for the abilities and talents, we were shown fight training and survival tactics more than the magic itself. While Nynn did get a chance to grow into her magic, the execution of her completion was a feeble addition to the bigger picture.I do love when genre lines get blurred and readers get to experience a mix of writing styles. The fantasy-meets-apocalyptic survival clash was excellent, but going back to my point from earlier, this could have been so much better with a stronger infusion of the lore and character personalities.What will make me keep reading on in the series is that curiosity to want to know more about the racial characteristics and lifestyle outside of the fighting system. In terms of uniqueness, the setup is genius. Now I just have to wait for win to happen.This book provided from the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. All quotes taken from the pre-published copy and may be changed or omitted from the final copy.