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Giving It Up (The Lost Girls 1)

Giving It Up  - Amber Lin Another lazy weekend review because I have a serious lack of motivation to write tonight. Blame it on the alcohol. Giving It Up - Tally :First 25% - 4 starsMiddle 50% - 2 starsLast 25% - 3 starsFor whatever reason, I was expecting some seriously dark erotica with this book, just based off the description. This read more like a contemporary romance with a bit of something else - what it was, I couldn't tell you. Suspense would not be the right word. Mystery would be pushing it. It was as if the movie Pretty Woman and the book Crow's Row had a dis-functional baby. I think. Except I wasn't raging and wanting to punch all of the book characters in the face like I was while reading CR. So because of that, I had to give this book a slightly better rating.The premise started off interesting to me. I like seeing damaged characters dragged back from the abyss. Allie was looking to cope with her previous sexual assault by allowing men to assault her on her own terms. Okay, I get that. Along comes Colin, who doesn't want to hurt her. Okay, I get that. An extremely short time later, they move in together.WAIT...what?!?Yep. And she has a kid. But...we (this is implied) have to accept that this is an okay situation because she had no other options and her life was in danger. Wanna know what would have made this story 100 times more plausible? One short little mention of "a few months later," or something to that extent. We didn't actually have to watch their relationship develop, but I would have felt a little better about the whole situation if I had known that they had been casually dating (Colin could have still remained a mystery, whatever) for at least a slight amount of time before the shit hit the fan.So, okay. They move in together. And a whole lot of boring happens for a while. Some awkward sex scenes happen. The douchebag ex comes back, Allie justifies his behavior in her head (while still managing to be afraid of him - that's called a red flag, honey), and the douchebag boss is sent away (really, this chick seems to attract the wrong crowd all around). Then the end part happens. We find out Colin is not completely truthful about some stuff, and more awkward sex scenes happen. You know what? The more I think about it, the more I realize that I should be leaning toward a 2.5 star...the book wasn't bad but it felt somehow not quite sketched out cohesively in parts. I never got a real handle on who Colin was as a person. I get that he had things to hide but he seemed quite cold for most of the book, and not in that "hurting hero you want to help," kind of way.So, yeah...2.5 stars. I'll round up because I did like parts of the story. I just wish that there had been more for me to feel, whether it was anger, happiness, turmoil...something...I really don't know what.How did my lazy review end up becoming as long as the others I put more effort into?