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Wicked Cravings (The Phoenix Pack, #2)

Wicked Cravings  (The Phoenix Pack, #2) - Suzanne  Wright "Do you know what you taste like? Sin. You taste like sin."Does anyone here have a handle on what exactly sin tastes like? I'm going to go with chicken. No wait, make that real chicken.MMMMMMMMMMM.....YUMMY SIN.3.5 stars. Erotic PNR has a new good thing going on here. Between the ample presence of steam, the generous amount of playful banter, and the addition of two varied back-stories which played on our emotions, there was a well-rounded package of fluff for me to latch on to. Scenes that rocked it out :~ The bathroom ass-kicking scene~ The mate claiming scene (scorching!)~ The "reigning in the wolf" sectionI always appreciate when problems are not solved instantly, but instead are worked out as an ongoing road to healing. Jaime's journey is not yet finished but we were shown where things were headed.These moments made me smile :"Want to see what I've got?""That depends, does it itch and is it contagious?""I'll fuck you so hard, you'll think I hate you."I'm sort of divided on how to analyze the humor in Wicked Cravings. If there hadn't been any humor, no one would have liked the book because it would have been too drastically different from what many of us enjoyed about the first installment. Then again, if there's too much humor of the sarcastic kind, you're almost stuck with having to rip on the characters for being replicas of the last couple. Fortunately, I felt like this story didn't sway too heavily on either side and I was okay with the few similarities between the first and second stories. We'll see how that holds up with book 3.Can I mention how I'm not a fan of the shit jokes? Does anyone like shit jokes over the age of 10? Uh...no. Reading about people who can't stop talking about their need to poop (during childbirth and also while engaging in anal sex...) is just strange and not in a a hah-hah that's kind of cute way.It's sort of funny when you have main characters who talk about shit and Greta's still stuck in the stone ages with her sexual terms. Greta's a crafty bitch. Her insults have been epic thus far. Fornication isn't cutting it.Overall, I was happy enough. The "brand new" magic from book 1 wasn't as present and the book was a touch longer than it needed to be, but the writing felt more polished this time around. Yet, I still can't seem to run from the love/sex/drug references! It never ends!Her incredible, sinful smell assaulted him and was like a narcotic to both him and his wolf.