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Bonds of Trust

Bonds of Trust - Lynda Aicher New Sub-Genre Category : Middle-Aged BDSM Lite for timid divorcees who also require intimacy with their floggings.Yep. I invented it. Choke on that, mommy porn!Gah...what were my feelings about this book? Honestly, I felt rather conflicted. This kinda felt like a housewife's fantasy of BDSM - you know, the "don't really want to commit to it, just want a hot guy to rock my world in the bedroom and give me multiple O's without me having to work for it." Cali was one lucky chick in that aspect. She didn't actually have to do much submitting...she just got to show up and have a man take care of her sexual needs, with a few instances of light BDSM play and exhibitionism thrown in to cater to the setting. However, I know that every situation and every couple is different. Not every couple needs a collar between them. Not every couple requires the use of words like "master" or "sir." Not every couple requires that the woman keep her eyes lowered, or not speak until given permission. What sort of threw me off is that Cali and Jake didn't really commit to any sort of standard at all, other than her letting him take charge sexually. Their first encounter (mild spoiler inside) was basically love-making on a bed, even though Jake was supposed to be teaching her how to submit. Now, don't get me wrong, it was hot and sweet...but different. I suppose different can be good sometimes, I guess it just wasn't what I expected.This would be a great 'starter' BDSM book for people who aren't ready to commit to anything more than a few instances of spanking, flogging, exhibitionism, etc. Nothing here really pushed extreme boundaries, so if your comfort level is on the less extreme side, you'll probably like this if you're interested in trying out BDSM.The love story itself was PREPOSTEROUS. Wow, I just want to sit here and let the word PREPOSTEROUS roll off my tongue a few times. What a word! I do openly admit to wanting to bitch-slap Cali for a stunt that she pulled. What's that old phrase about the word 'assume' and how it makes an ass out of u and me? Yeah...that.Overall, this was a weak love story and a moderate steam BDSM. I think it's enjoyable enough for genre newbies, but longtime fans might not be as impressed. At times, I was hoping for more plot than there was because there was no real "showing" of how these two connected. The extent of them getting to know each other was explained to us in that they had spent some time chatting on the phone over a couple of weeks. There was no bonding formed within the story. If about 25% of the book had been removed, this would have made a perfect erotic short story because I wouldn't have needed plot in that instance. But for a longer, full-length book, I was surprised to find that the romance wasn't given much consideration. I guess when a man gives you the best sex of your life, that must mean the relationship is destined to ROCK FOREVAH!!!Will I read the next book? Yes, I think I still will. This was a decent read...nothing new, perhaps, but it was good enough to pass the time. I think the upcoming book with the friend and the other club owner might be a good one.This book was provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.