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The Golden Spiral (Hourglass Door Trilogy)

The Golden Spiral - Lisa Mangum Every once in a while a series comes along that's a bit different. The first two books of the Hourglass Door trilogy haven't been part of my usual fare, and it's been a nice change.Book 1 focused more on building the relationship between Abby and Dante, and felt like a cute love story with a hint of sci-fi and time travel as part of the background.Book 2 shifted gears a little bit, settling into a darker and edgier feel. Gone are the school plays and school dances. Instead we have more time spent in the darkness - the space between our world and the river of time. Our villain Zo spent a good portion of the book stirring up trouble for Abby and Dante, and poor Valerie was stuck in the loony bin. Good times, good times...I missed some of the interaction with Abby and Dante, since they were separated for most of the book, but when they finally reunited, it was a sweet reward.