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Eve and Adam

Eve and Adam - "I want you, Evening, to design the perfect boy."3.5 stars. Yes I do believe this is going to have some degree of awesome."What if she won't come with me?""Oh, she'll come. It's the fate of all creators. They fall in love with their creations."What if you had the chance to design the perfect partner? Would you do it? At the very least, would you be curious enough to think about doing it?Anyone else remember the 80's movie Weird Science? I loved that movie as a kid. When I first read the description for this book, I was struck with an immediate HAVE TO HAVE moment because it reminded me of that movie. In case you haven't seen it, two nerdy high school boys create the perfect woman and get themselves into a bunch of ridiculous escapades because of it. Pure classic gold, that movie was (please hold one sec while I try to tame my inner Yoda in yet another review).So this book is a little bit different from the movie, but the bones of what I loved about Weird Science were present in Eve & Adam. Which means it was a given that I was going to be swept away by this story.What made this book extra special to me is that I was able to find myself absorbed into this world within a matter of pages. The techie side of the sci-fi equation might have been off for all I know. I'm sure someone's going to break down the science and technology parts and come up with holes somewhere. Unless this author team really does happen to be just that good when it comes to multiple forms of medicine, science and gadgetry. If this is the case, then I'm impressed! If it's not, I don't care! Because I'm definitely more of an artistic type of person than a technical type of person.This book was fun! I liked the characters! Solo is one of my new favorite guys! I must be happy because I'm about to hit four sentences in a row with exclamation points! Let's go for a record now! And here's six! Now number seven!Okay, I'm done with the extreme emoting. Adam may be the "perfect" man, but my heart belonged to Solo. He was this incredible mix of shy and confident at the same time. How this is possible, I have no idea, but Solo is probably one of my new favorite characters of all time. For this week, anyway.I have good shoulders, might as well reveal them. I know she's checking me out. Fair enough, because I'm checking her out.Eve cries out suddenly. She's in pain. So it's possible that she's not really checking me out.~Eve. There's a problem with that name, Eve. You say Eve and you think Garden of Eden, and then you think of Eve and Adam, naked but tastefully concealed by strategic shrubbery.Except at this particular moment, my brain is not generating shrubbery.So, basically, that's despicable. She just got out of surgery. So I add shrubbery.And yet the shrubbery doesn't stay put.So this book had great characters, a little bit of action, some techie stuff, a sweet romance budding, and even some humor. All in all, this could be a great starter book for the sci-fi wary."They made a baby boy. We named him Golem. He died because of a slight flaw in his genetic makeup.""His sphincter was on his forehead."This book was provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.