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Lover at Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series #11)

Lover at Last - J.R. Ward 3 stars? 4 stars? I might be flip-flopping on this rating at least once or twice over the next few days. I actually had an easier time rewarding 4 stars to the previous books because my expectations weren't that high to begin with, and I felt like I'd been given more than what I was expecting. In the case of Lover at Last, I think the bar might have been set too high with all of the anticipation to see this relationship finally happen. I'm tempted to stay at 3 stars just for the mention of Ed Hardy footwear. Douchey poser-wear? Don't do that to my brothers! But then again, I'm tempted to go up a point because the mention of masturbating a snow globe was randomly thrown in there and it made me laugh. Decisions, decisions...If you've read up through book 10 in this series, this review will be safe to read outside of the spoiler tags. Spoiler tags should not be clicked on unless you've read Lover at Last. All of his life he had wanted to belong.Qhuay's story = Great but not as epic as I was hoping for. There needed to be more at the end after the ceremony (proposal? commitment thing? I still don't know) went down, I thought. Although, I can say that the scenes with Qhuinn and Blay were intense - so thumbs up in regard to that. We readers got what we were waiting for, and that's good. For their portion of the book (which simply wasn't enough!), I was happy. Qhuinn's path to self-discovery got me choked up a couple of times.He started to cry. Thank fuck for the hood.Surprisingly, my favorite scene of all was not a Qhuay scene, but an interaction between Xcor and Layla. I generally shy away from using any sort of Romeo and Juliet reference because we all know how that tale turned out (hint : it wasn't good), but when two people from opposite sides of a war are drawn to one another, there's an interesting twist to the character turmoil. Without giving away any plot details, I FELT the raw emotion. I really want Xcor and Layla to get their own book."Do not cry." His thumb went to her cheeks. "Beautiful female of worth, do not cry."You know who I don't want getting a book? Oh...just about all of the other characters who got side billing this time around. I found myself skimming a good portion of the book (outside of Qhuay, the brothers and Xcor/Layla, of course).Assail and Sola? Please, no.Trez? Eh. What's next? All of the additional family members of the brothers? Qhuinn's brother?Is the Scribe Virgin going to break out and start getting freaky? I can't really tell anymore. Will Lassiter ever be more than comic relief? It's time to start wrapping this series up, Ward. The brothers have found love. Let's not start bringing in a bunch of new characters just to milk the series for all its worth. Quality is starting to take a backseat to quantity and I'd hate to see the appeal of the BDB dragged out way past its prime.