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Pleasure Unbound (Demonica Series #1)

Pleasure Unbound - Larissa Ione Adult Review for Erotic ContentTayla's observation : 'his magic penis'Whoops, excuse me. I did not mean to react so strongly. I meant to reply with, "please... tell me more." So...this Eidolon guy. He kind of has magic spermies that do magic sperm-y things to a woman. If that's not going to get someone interested, then I don't know what else to say.This was fluffy, cheesy, good-time PNR and I loved every second of it. I never once rolled my eyes at the flowery sexual terms, nor did I bat an eyelash at the crazy male behavior. If there's one thing I expect from PNR, it's that I already know I'm going to get a yummy, smutty, ridiculously over-the-top story and that's what I crave when I reach for the genre. It's my comfort-food version of reading, where for once I don't have to stop and question every single action I find incredibly unrealistic. I'm pretty sure that creatures with green skin and demons with horns are a dead giveaway that realism is going out the window. Hooray! Let the good times roll!Speaking of good times...let's go back to the magic sperm. If there's a wait list to be the test subject for this stuff, SIGN ME UP. The chick in this book had serious issues with even getting an O (due to previous trama) and she was still having the time of her life. Talk about some awesome sex, right?As for the world building....it wasn't bad. I had a few moments of confusion when it seemed like a lot of races and descriptions were dumped on me all at once, but after a few chapters, it all started coming together. I can honestly say that I would prefer not to read about demons (unless it's a Georgina Kincaid type of succubi), so it was never my intention to read this book until a group picked it for their read. Even though I'm still not comfortable with demons (the concept makes me feel kind of icky), I enjoyed the read enough that I might continue on with the series because I want to know more about the other characters.Three cheers for snark! This author has a great sense of humor :"I'm taking you home." "In a car?""Only because my flaming chariot is at the shop.""And eew. Dude, she's a Buffy. I'd sooner shove my dick into a month-dead corpse.""You probably have," Wraith snorted."You eat fast food?""Only when there's a shortage of live sheep and small children.""UGH? Your hospital is called ugh?"She wondered if his apparently keen sense of smell would pick up the odor of her failing deodorant.Hot guy + sense of humor + smokin' hot sex + interesting world = recipe for success. If you can ignore the obvious cheese which automatically goes hand-in-hand with the whole smutty pnr vibe, you'll have a fun time.