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Desire Unchained (Demonica Series #2)

Desire Unchained - Larissa Ione "I will bear this pain for you," he swore. "If one of us has to bleed, it will be me. It'll always be me."Just because I didn't start this review off with the "magical spermie" conversation and super-curious kitties, doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy this book. I may not be hopping up and down in the same excited way, but there was still enough about Desire Unchained to keep me reading.I do feel a little bit guilty that the side story of Gem and Ky captured my attention more than the main story of Runa and Shade. Why was this exactly? I don't even know if I can find fault with anything that was going on. Runa and Shade had a few smokin' hot sex scenes, but I think I never felt their love connection, even when it was made obvious. The brief BDSM interlude between these two was also bordering on bizarre. Not long ago, I read a book which handled "pain therapy" in a more convincing manner. In Desire Unchained, the same situation just felt sort of awkward. I almost felt like a creeper for witnessing their private moment. Something about the scene reminded me of an interaction between Vishous and Jane in BDB, but not executed nearly as well.Pros :~ Hot sexin' (of course...it's PNR).~ Fabulous buildup of tension with Ky and Gem (my FAVORITE part of the book).~ More Wraith time. I'm not sure why I'm anxious for his story, but I really want to see what's in store for him.Cons :~ The main story lost steam the closer it got to the end. I felt like we'd already "arrived" at the conclusion and were just waiting for the couple to finally get the last of their issues off their chests.~ Some of the sexual scenarios could have had more buildup/foreplay. I'm not opposed to having a few sex scenes which are rushed through if you have other descriptive scenes in the book somewhere, but I think there was a lot of 'point a to point b' stuff going on in this book, when there should have been at least one more 'big' sex scene somewhere hanging out in the story - probably closer to the end. Because I'm less concerned about romance and/or sex when I read action-based Urban Fantasy, I tend to expect more from the romance side with PNR. ~ I missed the humor from book 1. While this was still an enjoyable read, I didn't feel the same spark that was there in book 1.Desire Unchained fell right in line with the basic PNR standard. It was worth the read and entertaining enough that I'll continue on with the rest of the books, but I doubt that I'll ever re-read this particular book of the series.