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Passion (Lauren Kate's Fallen Series #3)

Passion - Lauren Kate 2.5 stars. The Fallen series has always been sort of a hit and miss with me. The first book was fairly boring and emo, with the only redeeming factors being an interesting ending and an intriguing character (Cam). Sorry to piss off all the rabid fans of book 1, but nothing really happened in that book until the end. It was a lot of mooning and pining and boring conversations. For me, the second book was more interesting story-wise with less filler, but also featured less of Cam and more of new characters that I didn't care much about getting to know. Which brings us to book 3 - the bridge book. This book, I presume, will be connecting the premise of the first two books with the next part of the series, which appears to be heading in a completely different direction from the boarding school setting into a darker time of war and conflict.I noticed that some people found this book boring, and I didn't. However, I enjoy reading historical fiction, and this mirrored a HF book. For those who don't read the genre, it might be a little slower to them. But, even though I found the story interesting, I did not like this format being plopped down into the middle of a series. It was too drastically different from the previous two books. I feel this story would have been better handled through flashbacks, or gradual time travel, maybe a few instances over each book instead of it being thrown together in one book.Was this bridge successful? It accomplished its goal, but not without some loss of cohesion. For most of book 1, there was some sort of hinting at a love triangle between Daniel/Luce/Cam. In book 2, Cam was pushed to the background, but it was also made quite clear that Cam was still there, ready to defend Luce at all costs. In book 3? He wasn't even there, and when he was, Luce was never a focus for him. The introduction of the Lillith character (and her bloodline) brought about new questions. Is she the one who Cam truly wanted, and if so, how does he feel about her offspring? How is she tied to Luce (or is she even tied to Luce)? Is it possible she is a form of Luce or a relative of hers? But if Luce is part of Lillith, then how was Luce able to interact with one of her offspring? By the way...if anyone has read my spoiler and has any theories on this, please feel free to drop a comment. I read so fast, that I could have missed an important detail here.Then there was the whole Bill thing. I completely saw that coming.Then we come to Luce/Lucifer. Is Luce related to Lucifer, was she a previous love, or is she a pawn in his game?Is this the time where I tug at my beard and say, "the plot thickens?" Well, I would if I was capable of growing a beard.At least Luce didn't do anything too stupid in this installment (big shock considering her past record), so I'll be moving on to book 4.