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Stolen Nights: A Vampire Queen Novel

Stolen Nights - Rebecca Maizel Is that a tear running down my face? Why yes...I think it is.3.5 stars. Even though I had some serious issues with how everything fit together, I did appreciate an ending which made me rethink my original rating. Hey, at least we're improving upon the first book here. *smacks forehead* It all makes sense now. I wasn't sure what the point was for having certain characters and instances in this series, up until the last few chapters happened.Then again, I'm not exactly positive that everything had been plotted out from the start to fall into place exactly the way that it did either. Something about the way the turn of events happened almost seemed like a conveniently happy accident in writing. Was it really the plan all along to take certain characters in the direction that they went in, or was some of the story improvising on the fly as book 2 was being written?I guess I'll never know. Believe me when I say that I'm not complaining about where things are going. I just sort of feel like the vibe of book 1 didn't really match up with the direction of book 2. You can call me conflicted over the 'Vampire Queen' concept. This is another case of "good bones, shaky execution" going on. I'm still happy with the historical parts of the story, but find myself somewhat confused with Lenah herself. Is it just me noticing this, or has this chick adapted to modern times far too easily? As well, am I wrong in thinking it's a little too convenient that Lenah was the 'queen' in the first place? And now, someone else might want to conveniently snatch the title up for grabs? What kind of society doesn't have a waiting list or heir to a title? I'm so perplexed at what to feel about the whole of it. I'm entertained by what's going on, yet the story doesn't always feel like it lines up the way that it should. Why would one of the main characters even BE at a high school? Just to watch over Lenah? I think that part could have been dealt with differently.It's the little details that pick and pick at my brain and make me question it all. Why is Justin such a baby? Why was Vicken a potential love interest and then he just 'wasn't?' Why put so much emphasis on building up bonds and connections, only to break them later? ...but then the last several chapters happened and I was floored. I was angry. I was sad. I was happy. I was angry again. I was sad again. FFS, a few tears escaped! Heck I was so angry at what Lenah had done that it was making me shake. But then the epilogue happened and it gave me some hope.Huge kudos to that epilogue because I'm assuming that there will be a book 3, and because of this, that ending was KILLER in a fantastic way. However, if I find out later that this is how the series ends, I will come back and rant to high hell the way I did over [b:My Name Is Memory|7135858|My Name Is Memory|Ann Brashares|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1307512606s/7135858.jpg|7399114] (to which we're STILL waiting for a sequel). There is absolutely no book info for installment 3 of the series, but since there was a 3 year wait between books 1 and 2, I'm going to safely assume that it will be a while before we know what's next to come.In the end, this was just shy of a 3 star book all the way up until that phenomenal ending, which was a 5 star way to go out. If the next book takes that ending and makes this an epic journey to right the wrongs which have been done, I could easily see myself re-evaluating my feelings about the entire series and giving extremely high marks. If this really was all a pre-planned setup, then I tip my hat to the plan because now I know we're in for a crazy ride ahead.