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Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark, Book 1)

A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole ...meanwhile, inside of the Fetish Cafe...Waitress : Miss? Are you ready to order?Me : (clearing throat) Um, I think so? Can you tell me first if there are any off-the-menu specials tonight?Waitress : Nothing extra tonight. Our supplier didn't deliver today, so we're running low on supplies. If you're looking for a fantasy involving props, chances are, it's not going to happen.Me : It's fine. That's not really my thing. (pause) Uh...I think I'll take the kidnapping special. With an order of dominant male. Preferably tall, dark, handsome, and pushy...you know the drill. The alpha type.Waitress : Big spender, aren't we? Anything else? (says sarcastically) Would you like fries with your order?Me : Yes, please. Can I get some gravy with that on the side? Brown, not white.Waitress : (appearing a bit confused) Whatever. It's your fetish.Me : Oh no. The fries aren't part of it. I'm just hungry......Eh, what can I say? This book was a fun and fluffy read. For substance, it's probably 1 to 2 stars, but when comparing it to other pnr, it's on par with others I've liked. Which is not bad, considering I've been on a serious adult pnr break lately after trying a few I didn't like. They're all starting to read the same and I've passed on most of the ones which haven't had more of an urban fantasy bent. Straight-up adult romance novels (in most every genre) have been pretty disappointing to me lately, so I've chosen not to go there. Until now. I saw a few friends talking about this one and figured I'd give it a shot. I find it funny that if this book were realistic fiction, I would rip it up one side and down the other for having such a horrible male lead. As in : NO ONE SHOULD READ THIS BOOK. The male lead is pushy, demanding, forceful, and about 20 other things which would have any female running for the hills in absolute horror. If some guy (or girl) pulled this act on me or anyone I know, I'd call the cops and have him (or her) locked up. But of course, I tend to cave a little for fantasy based books. What can I say? I have a thing for alpha men in pnr and historicals. Plus, this one had an ancient scottish brogue! Well, hellooooo highlander. Thank you for showing up in my kidnap story.At least, in this book, I get to give the double argument for his lack of decorum. 1. It's pnr. These aren't guys raised in polite society. They're driven by instinct that overwhelms them. Bad excuse? Sure. But hey, it's the basis for most pnr shifter stories. The devil made them do it, or some other nonsense. We laugh at it, we find it far-fetched, we'd hate it if any man in real life treated us like this, but darnit...it's fun to read about in books.2. The dude is old. Like pre-dating historical bodice-ripping, non-con storylines, OLD. As in, "he came from the dirt" old. Historical fiction readers know that men from the past weren't as clued in to the equality of men and women. They always seem to need a woman to school them. And our heroine in this story did, in fact, school her man.Who I'd recommend this book to :People who don't mind aggressive alphas in their pnr and can forgive some serious bad behavior if the hero shows some sign of remorse or willingness to change later.Who I'd warn away from the book :Anyone who has a previous history of abuse, whether physical or sexual. There was not a rape storyline, but it almost went there a couple of times. If it had, I would have quit reading. The book did dance that danger line a little too close for comfort though.Anyone who rolls their eyes at old stereotypes of cavemen-type males. I'm warning you - you will hate this book. It's okay to steer clear. In fact, why are you even reading this review? You might want to go shower all of the gunk off now. Hurry! No, really. I don't blame anyone who would find this book distasteful. Only us fluff cravers are going to enjoy A Hunger. And enjoy, I did.