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Unwritten Rules

Unwritten Rules - M.A. Stacie Adult review for erotic contentTake a guess as to which moment maxed out the meter for me : What I needed was a sexorcism.I was acting like a stalker.I took a lung full of his scent and closed my eyes. "Do you have my pussy? Oh God, cat!"I whimpered. Jonah hissed."I promise, no more," he rumbled as I tried to spear myself onto him.A slight tang floated in the air with a hint of his muskiness. It made my mouth water.I needed a taste of him. I was like an addict craving a fix.Seriously. Take a guess. I bet it's not that hard if you know me at all.The whimpering and hissing wasn't the only emoting that was going on here. Within a two page spread, I came across a snort, a wiggled eyebrow, a giggle, a croon and a pout. Then on another page, there was panting, gasping, whispering, moaning, and snarling, as well as actions ranging from clawing, pulsing, twitching and lancing. On one page! If there was something to emote, these characters were doing it! Can I mention one of the un-sexiest sex scenes that I've ever read?I was having difficulty breathing and reluctantly moved my lips from his, burying my face in the crook of his neck. His scent was stronger there. *pause* Is it normal to go all bloodhound in the middle of sex and sniff around for where a person's "essence" is stronger? *and back to the scene* I felt myself become wetter with each breath I took *pause* Arousal is tied to breathing? *and back to scene* Jonah felt it too, because he groaned and began to pump into me with force. *pause* For some reason now, I'm picturing Jonah as Pavlov's dog, only responding unless certain stimuli is present. *and back to scene* We became a mixture of thrusts, moans, kisses, and sighs. *pause* Yes, let's just throw all of the emotes into one sentence, so we can rush through this bland scene and get to the next one.I also have a question for you brave souls still reading this review. Has anyone ever been intoxicated by this? He tasted of toothpaste with a hint of the coffee he'd taken a small sip of. It was intoxicating. I wonder what happens when he mixes chocolate and gum? Does she fall out from sheer bliss?So should I even talk about the story itself?The story was okay. I didn't think it was the worst romance I'd ever read, but I was slightly disappointed. The first several chapters were about stalking and wanting and forging chemistry. The music aspect was downplayed, to my disappointment. The second half of the book was about Jonah's "issues" and how much crap Elle would put up with for the sake of caring for Jonah.In a way, I got what was going on, but failed to care. The ups and downs didn't give me any sort of roller-coaster effect but there was drama in strange places at times. I did respect Elle for recognizing that her relationship with Jonah would always be a work in progress because of how severely he had damaged himself mentally. Often, we don't see books take responsibility for how extreme a problem is and how things aren't always as easily fixed as we'd like them to be. For this, I did respect the story.It appears that most of my friends really loved this book, so my initial findings in the first few chapters (I'm not kidding, all of that cringe-worthy stuff came about within the first few chapters...after a while I quit highlighting in the determination to focus on the moment) might have not been as much of an issue for other people. If you like books featuring damaged heroes and the women who help them work through their issues, then you might truly enjoy Unwritten Rules. He is tattooed and a musician, so that always counts for something, right? There were a few saving moments that made me at least go for a 2 star rating. I didn't hate this one....it just wasn't particularly my type of shindig.