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Backstage Pass: Sinners on Tour

Backstage Pass - Olivia Cunning Adult review for erotic content3.5 stars. Second Read 06/12 with the SM girls"Nnggnn," she groaned.Nnggnn, indeed.I keep wavering between a 3 and a 4 star rating. For erotica, it's pretty consistent with the amount of sexual scenarios, which I know did shock some people who thought this book was contemporary romance. Don't be fooled. There's going to be acts of voyeurism, light BDSM, threesomes, anal play, etc. packed into this book. It is a story about rock stars and their lifestyle. If you've ever watched an episode of Behind the Music you'll get the idea.As an erotica, I'd give it a solid 4 star. As a read for the sake of entertainment, I'd stick closer to 3 or 3.25ish. The plot does take a while to develop but I loved going back on tour with the sinners and remembering where and why I fell in love with Brian (and Trey) in the first place.Myrna never really did it for me. I was surprised to find that she didn't annoy me on the second read but I didn't find myself gaining any sort of appreciation for her either. She was just a vehicle used by me in order to gain access to Brian. Maybe I'm a true Sinners groupie, then. There were a few moments that forced me to have to remember to suspend belief because it is erotica, after all. Although, I can buy into multiple orgasms faster than I can buy into kissing with morning breath! Don't read this unless you've read the book : the scene where they kissed not long after he'd been rimming her...how did I miss that the first time around?!? I remember thinking the first time I read the book that it was bizarre how Brian would write music during sex. During the second read I really enjoyed these scenes.In my original review, I pointed out how I could never date a rock star and this hasn't changed. It's crazy how psycho the groupies get. It would be way too hard to be with someone who is adored and stalked by so many people."Of course not. But this is Sed Lionheart we're talking about here. You know? If he stepped in dog shit, I'd lick it off his boot if he asked me to.I don't doubt there are groupies like this out there. I'll have to say that chasing the dream of being with a rock star is much more safe in a book.Original Review March 2011It was a fun book - I got to go on tour with a rock band by proxy without all of the drama of having to do it for real. There is no way I could date a rock star, no matter how much he 'loved' me. Nope. Couldn't do it. I am just not that trusting to think I could leave any person alone with molesting fans and not have the man's defenses worn down at one point.What did that have to do with the book? Absolutely nothing...that was just me thinking to myself.Steamy this book was (Yoda much?). I was glad to see a story develop after a start pretty much focused on only sex (yep...erotica. check.). Surprisingly, I wanted to know more about the backstory of some of the other band members, which means yep - guess I'll be reading more to the series.