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Hot Ticket: Sinners on Tour (The Sinners on Tour)

Hot Ticket - Olivia Cunning Adult review for erotic contentHurt me. Take the pain away. Hurt me.4.25 stars. The Sinners have come a long way. What started out back in book 1 as a fun romp between Brian and Myrna has now spiraled into a story of heavy burdens and skeletons begging to be let out of their closet.For as much as I found the early feel of the series to be a lot of fluffy fun, I think there's something about where everyone is now that speaks more to me. Getting to see inside the heads of every band member and feeling their anguish has been an emotional journey. For as close as these band members are, even to the point of considering themselves family, each individual is struggling to find their place in the world. Long buried secrets are now coming to the surface.He'd been with them for almost three years and they felt like strangers.Jace's story surprised me. I never had much of a feel for him before. I guess that was the author's intention. He was the "little man" in the band - shorter in stature, with the face of an angel and a chip on his shoulder. Who would have known that the band's hermit was good looking, full of sensitivity, and could pack a mean punch?I fell in love with Jace. It's no wonder that Aggie wanted to get past the surface to the heart of what was torturing him. I'm not sure if "therapy through domination" is the best idea, but I had less of an issue with it than I have when seeing the same scenario played out in other books. For some, this is a sensitive topic. BDSM has taken a lot of flack lately. People want to see it showcased in a normal and healthy spotlight, and not as some sort of tool to prove that anyone engaging in the lifestyle is screwed up in the head. Any time a book comes along in which a person seeks out physical pain in order to deal with internal issues, it makes people antsy and afraid of misrepresentation. However, I felt like it was handled in this book in a way that was less about BDSM itself as a lifestyle, and more about one person doing whatever he needed to do in order to keep his demons at bay. Jace wasn't a submissive at heart. He just needed someone to replace his inner pain with outer pain, and Aggie was there to provide it."You're not unwanted. I want you, Jace."This was truly a story about letting the past go and learning to trust. I was moved by Aggie's unwavering devotion to Jace and how she wasn't the typical book heroine who let misunderstandings put a dividing wedge between her and the man that she loved.What did love look like anyway? What did it feel like?Now...onto the sex. It was hot. Ms. Cunning can write an entertaining sex scene. There was less sex in this book than in previous books, but when it was there, it was ON. And boy, was IT ON. Phew. If words could jump off the page and seduce you, then these would be the words to do it.Do I buy that Jace (being as well hung as he is) was able to plunge into her backdoor that quickly? Probably not. But whatever. The getting was good, so I won't complain.Plus, any book that mentions using gloves during playtime (a certain obsession of mine) and MOTHEREFFING FLYING ELVISES (watch the movie Honeymoon in Vegas and you'll get to check them out) is a winner, winner Las Vegas chicken dinner. This book was provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.