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Always a Bridesmaid (Entangled Indulgence)

Always a Bridesmaid (Entangled Indulgence) - Cindi Myers 2.5 stars. This was another contemp romance standard. Not bad, not great.The problem for me with books like this is that there's nothing really worth writing about in the review. It was a cute love story. There, I'm done. See?Was it even all that cute? I don't know. Mike and Stephanie were thrown together because Mike needed someone to rent a room and Stephanie needed a room to rent. They each thought the other was attractive, yet couldn't seem to explain their feelings (it's called lust, people). Mike fought the relationship because he wanted to put his son first, which of course bugged me. My feelings weren't nearly as disenchanted as I've felt in the past about other books handling a similar subject (*cough* Perfect Play) but I still wish authors would quit writing all single parents as these self-sacrificing doormats who let their kids decide their happiness.I was somewhat grateful that Stephanie got tired of Mike's nonsense : But what kind of grown man - even a father - let a nine year old dictate how he handled personal relationships? She was not a parent, but wasn't Mike taking his concern for his son too far?At least someone in this book had some sense.What else can I say? From the title, I think I was hoping for a story mirroring 27 Dresses, which wasn't even all that exciting but at least the "dress" parts of the story were amusing.Maybe this story would have been better if there hadn't been such a disconnect of the couple fighting their feelings, then going straight into admitting their love. This is one book which might have benefitted from a few extra chapters of the couple getting to know one another. Either that, or the side stories with the friends and relatives could have been scaled back.I'd recommend this book to people looking for a quick and simple love story. The book is a fast read and if you're in the mood to sit down with a light romance that will zip by in no time, this might be the book for you. Like I pointed out earlier...not bad, not great. Another forgettable contemp filed away on the read shelf...