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Forbidden (Definitions)

Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma Wow. Even knowing that this story could not end well, I wasn't expecting it to go the way that it did. Yes, a couple of tears threatened to fall. I dare you to read this book and not feel at least a twinge of emotion at how it all ends. To say that this book is a mind f*ck would be an understatement.I have a weakness for books which push the boundaries of the norm. Whether it be polygamy, incest, student-teacher relationships, etc. there is something fascinating about getting to see what makes other people tick. Often, the story of how someone got to the point where they were able to make such a bold decision is just as captivating. Forbidden had me so caught up in the background of this one tormented family, that by the time the actual incest scenes started to happen, not only did I fail to be shocked by it, but part of me completely understood why these children thrown into the roles of adults felt they had no one else to turn to.There were parts of this book that disturbed me. The ending probably disturbed me far more than the actual relationship did. I wanted a different ending. To be able to say which way I wanted it to go would be near impossible. This book challenged my views about love, and who should be allowed to love. Did it completely change them? Probably not, but I am able to see that not everything is black and white all of the time for all situations. Even if I was able to sympathize, it doesn't mean that all of a sudden I think families should start 'sharing the love,' hah. But I am always glad to be able to see the bigger picture and to be able to grasp a bit of knowledge and understanding of something that maybe hadn't been there before.