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Slave - Sherri Hayes Adult review for taboo content.Curiouser and curiouser...For a book about sexual slavery, it's actually sort of funny how there was not even one full sex scene. HAH. How's that for writing around a subject? Maybe I'm feeling extra generous in giving this book 4 stars because I did have moments where I felt like the characters were paper cutouts of real life characters. Maybe I shouldn't have enjoyed a book so much in which the main character was so childlike (barely legal, yet had the emotional baggage of someone much younger). She probably should have been turned over to people who could have handled her mental well-being in a more appropriate environment, instead of entering into a living situation with an adult Dominant who has many years of life experience on her.But it is what it is. I think what I appreciated the most about this book is that there was nothing taboo for the sake of shock value. While I have read and enjoyed other dark erotica, sometimes I feel like I'm being jerked around and forced to have to feel things that I don't necessarily want to feel. I never felt like Slave took me on a roller coaster of "oh shit" for the purpose of making me react to horrific instances. Even though Brianna came from an "oh shit" life, once she was in her new master's care she was safe. And I was happy to see it.Don't get me wrong. Every so often, it can be interesting to watch the freak show circus unfold in a dark erotic book, but what I appreciated the most about Slave was that the lead character was NOT a jackass. He was NOT the lesser of two evils. He was NOT a damaged character who we were forced to have to learn to like. He was honestly a good guy (at least from what we can see in book 1). I read another similar book on sexual slavery, where I almost found myself angry at how the "white knight" character turned out to be only slightly better than the person who the girl was rescued from. I don't always want that stress in my books. Sometimes I just want the rescuer to be just that - a person who is trying to honestly do some good in another person's life.Brianna was broken at the start of the book. Brianna is still broken at the end of the book. Recovering from extreme abuse is not an immediate process. I needed to be shown the stages of recovery and this author did a great job at taking this slow.So we weren't rewarded with a bow-chicka-wow-wow explosion of hot sex. I honestly didn't mind. The journey is part of the experience and I am grateful that it wasn't downplayed. I would have liked to have felt more for the characters than what I did, but hopefully book 2 will allow me to connect more.This book was provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.