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When Summer Ends

When Summer Ends - Isabelle Rae Hi. My name is Stacia. I'll be your cruise director for this trip on the spoiler seas. Ah, what the heck. I probably could find a way to complain without spoilers like I normally do, but I figured I'd just warn you this time and you can choose whether or not to read this review, Cutie. So here we go - spoilers ahead. You've been warned. Yeah, that's right. I said it. I called you a cutie. Doesn't that make you uncomfortable? Because I sure know that every single time Will called Chloe a Cutie, I felt like I was going to break out in hives. And I'm pretty sure he called her that at least a couple dozen times in the second half of the book.It's almost as bad as Pigeon. I've actually been reading this book for a few days on the down low, unsure if I was going to do status updates or even post a review. I know people think it's funny sometimes when I complain with multiple status updates, but I knew that once I got started, I wasn't going to be able to stop with this book.But I'm such a sucker for the student/teacher dynamic. I can't even tell you why. I keep reading s/t books because they intrigue me when done right.This would be the opposite of that. Unfortunately. :(First off, a 22 year old man who has feelings for a 17 year old girl is not a pedophile. At worst, this is an awkward case of accidental statutory rape and a person abusing their place in a position of power. I wouldn't have even thought of the teacher as a creeper (at first) under normal circumstances (especially considering that he didn't know she was underage because he met her in a bar when she used a fake i.d.), except for the fact THAT HE KEPT ASSOCIATING HIMSELF AS ONE. *facepalm*At least, I'll say that I wouldn't have thought it to start. He got pretty stalkerific as the book progressed. Who knew that a person could just happen to turn up just about every single time the person they're interested in happens to be kissing or hugging other people??? That's some serious dumb luck.Will really sucked at staying out of Chloe's business. If he was so convinced that he wasn't good for her, then why was he always having an opinion about what she was doing? And he didn't help things by following her into the woman's bathroom to give his opinion. Yep. He became the creeper he didn't want to be.Then there was Chloe. The immature, false-swearing, giggling and blushing woman-child. Who also happened to have no less than 5 guys try to hook up with her over the course of the book. Wait, WHAT? Why? I couldn't stand being in her head. She was a selfish brat who was completely nasty to Will for a good portion of their time together. From her side, she saw nothing wrong with being bitchy to the man who was giving her treats and sandwiches and trying to be nice (while still creeping though) to her. And by bitchy, I mean that she said a lot of cruel things to the person she claimed to care for. Just because someone can't be with you (for valid reasons), it doesn't mean that you get to be horrible to them for no reason at all. Take your pain and channel it elsewhere, woman-child. Yeah, you - the chick who says holy poop, sugar lumps, oh my days, and jeez constantly.How can you take someone seriously when they say : Jeez, I need him so much?You all know by now that I hate excessive emoting. There were copious amounts of winking, eyebrow waggling. smirking, nose-flicking, cooing (that was the guy), eye-rolling, etc. scattered all over this book. What's worse, is there were times when people were emoting for no apparent reason. Do you see the need for an eye-roll in this exchange? "I thought you liked orange juice." I shrugged. "I do but they ran out." He smiled and rolled his eyes. "Here, Cutie." He put his bottle of orange juice on my tray.Should I even go into the times that they forgot how to be discreet and should have gotten into trouble for their actions? Never mind the fact that friends and certain family were let in on the secret. *double facepalm*Well, look at the time. I just realized that I still have about 20 more notes and highlights left in the copy of my book.Eh, forget that. I've already said enough. What's even more sad is that these two managed to make it through the book avoiding the scandal that they well deserved. It was all sunshine and rainbows and happy epilogues for these people. The epilogue was far too sugary sweet and the book should have ended without that epilogue. We didn't need to know the "years later" update. The ending before was fine enough for people wanting to see something positive come out of the story.Who should read this? Well, I don't know. If you made it to the end of my review, you pretty much spoiled yourself for knowing what's going to happen. If you like stories where people end up together, go for it. But don't say I didn't warn you about the awkwardness of it all.