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Hushed - Kelley York It took me a while after finishing to figure out how to rate this book. I couldn't decide if this book was absolutely brilliant and I loved it, or if it was too messed up and I hated it.After several day's worth of reflection, I'm going to say that I liked it. The book sits around a 3.5 for me and I had to ponder whether to round up or down with the stars. I read the story in almost in one sitting, and consider it a high 4 for uniqueness and entertainment value. What dragged it down a bit for me was the way I felt unsettled with the conclusion. If it's any help, most people I know who've read the book gave it 5 stars, so that speaks highly of the author's ability to draw a person into the story.What I liked :The book was twisted. Lies, deceit and murder - oh my!The killer was not necessarily repentant. Over time, he started to gain some insight as to "why" he shouldn't be killing, but even with some guilt, I don't think he fully ever grasped the difference between right and wrong.The love interest was the same sex, but it wasn't made out to be a big earth-shattering deal. First, Archer loved a girl, then he loved a boy. I liked that the story was simply about him finding someone to love and trust, not about the sex of the person he wanted. Him falling for Evan felt like a natural progression.What I didn't like :Vivian. I get that she was supposed to be hated. If Archer had not grown to hate her, he never would have moved on past her. However, her character was painfully annoying to read. I disliked just about every scene she was in. She was necessary to drive the plot, but reading about her was like listening to nails on a chalkboard. I'm not sure what I would have done different as an author with this character, so I can't really find too much fault. Things had to go down the way they did. I get it.What Vivian became at the end. I won't drop any spoilers, but I felt like there had to be a better way to wrap up the story without it going that direction. This part of the plot was too much of a repeat of another person.The lack of accountability. Again, without dropping major spoilers (it's really hard NOT to!), I'm not completely happy with how everything turned out. I'm not saying that there wasn't some accountability (because there was), but it didn't come about to the extent that I think it should have. This is not to say that I disliked the ending completely. Surprisingly, the hopeful person in me enjoyed the ending. The realist in me did not. This is what would be called a draw, I think. For those who have read the book, this is my dilemma : The only person who knew other than Evan (who wasn't telling) was the therapist. If she ever put Archer back on the street, I'm not convinced he wouldn't kill again. I think he would to protect Evan. Which means - he should never be getting out of his facility.That's sort of repetitive of what I put on my notes for this review, but if you want to know more about my feelings on that, check out my notes.