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Defiance (Significance, #3)

Defiance (Significance, #3) - Shelly Crane 1.5 stars. I was hoping that since book 2 was an improvement over book 1, maybe book 3 might raise the bar. Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed. Even with the Maggie and Caleb dynamic being toned down, I found myself even more disenchanted with the visionary story being pushed to the forefront. It's downright creepy how much importance and reverence is placed on Maggie. Whether or not she accepts or condones it isn't the point. She can be humble all day long and it doesn't matter. The fact remains that people are still fawning all over her, wanting to kiss her hands, and exalt her to a place of honor. This is not a high fantasy story, where the queen takes her rightful place on the throne. This is not a tale of mythology, where the gods are expected to be revered. This is modern times. A 17 year old girl is doing a job that was given to her. Nothing more, nothing less. Respect, admiration, and kindness might all be due. Obsessive adoration - not so much. Apparently, I can't seem to win either way, no matter where the emphasis of the story is being placed. Every single feeling and emotion of the people in these books are hyped to extreme and ridiculous proportions.Because of all of the constant touching and needing and pining and nickname usage in these books, I found myself craving simple and sweet love. There was one scene that stood out for me as what I would have loved to have seen more of. It was sweet and honest and reminded me of what it was like to have those first stirrings of love, when the person of your admiration could be doing something so very simple and mundane and it simply fascinates you. This is what I wish I had seen more of in these books :Then he picked up a razor - my razor - and began to shave. I hopped up onto the counter and watched him. Every now and then, he'd glance over my way, looking at the exact spot my eyes were, as if he knew every time right where they were, and he'd hold my gaze for a few seconds before getting back to work.See? That's sweet and cute! It's how normal people in love act. Why couldn't we have seen more of these simple moments? Not everything about love is life and death. Not every single stressful moment needs to be soothed by a lover's touch in order for it to go away (if so, then the rest of us are screwed by having "significants" who work or have to spend time away from us!). So...yeah. I don't know what's left to say that I haven't already said here in my reviews for Significance and AccordanceI kept reading the books for Jen and Bish. For whatever reason, I have been far more intrigued all along by the couple who can't touch more so than I am with the couple who can touch. As of right now, these are the only characters I truly enjoy reading about, other than the dad (who is an awesome dad) and Kyle to a lesser extent (who was in the background for this installment). Sadly, Jen and Bish didn't really show up until past halfway in the book and *insert expletive here* when a big moment for them happened, it was almost anti-climactic. I wanted more! There's only one book left in the series, so at this point there's no turning back. I feel almost guilty for writing three semi-negative reviews in a row (most people would say it's not worth the energy and that I should leave the series alone), but I honestly kept hoping for more and I really wanted to see what was going to happen with Jen and Bish.