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Undercover Professor

Undercover Professor - December Gephart So very close, yet so very far away.Do you know how excited I was to read a book about a geeky gamer guy who is secretly a hottie in disguise? I was OHTHISEXCITEDICOULDBARELYWAIT!!! Right about now, I'm so freakin' tired of alpha male aholes that are a dime a dozen. Back in the day, I loved me some chest-thumping testosterone...until I read it about a hundred times over. Can we get some different personality types already? So you can only guess how happy I was to read about a normal (yet still hot of course) guy.And I will say that I loved Andy/Drew. He was great for the most part. Being a former gamer myself, I love me some fun gamer guys. Okay, so Andy said randomly embarrassing things like "Juicy Lucy," "tricky pickle," and "your wish is my command" (during sex), and mentally dissected his exploits with "vapid bimbos" almost as if he was looking at it from the jealous female's perspective instead of his own, but whatever. He painted his mom's toenails for her when she was unable to take care of herself. I have to award aww points for that. He pulled off the dork role too well at times - even if you're into gaming, why would you automatically start quizzing the hot chick you just met about gaming? That was strange, considering she wasn't one of his test subjects. But again, he gets points for being adorable. He was described as hot looking with a slightly scruffy beard, sloppy clothing, and wore glasses part-time. I don't usually fantasy cast for my reviews, but I kept picturing Bradley Cooper with more facial hair for some reason.Here he was, hitting on her, and she just wanted a moment to get her feminine hygiene product. He spun and searched the shelves for some sort of jock itch item, to even it out.But then there was Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. Was she even supposed to be likable? Because I was having a hard time figuring out if I liked her or not. Maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way, being that I've been on the other side of the married fence for 10 years. I could've sworn by now that everyone knew about how making lists in order to try to pinpoint what you want out of a man is something that will never work. Having a "type" never works either. It never fails...the second you think you have an ideal man in mind, it's a dead-on guarantee that you will fall for someone who is nothing like what you envisioned. So of course, this is what happens to Lucy. Well, at least she thinks she's falling for someone who is nothing like her ideal. Of course, he is "secretly" perfect for her, according to her standards, but she doesn't know that yet.Personally, I think it would have been fun if she'd fallen for a man and he really wasn't her type, not even in secret. That would have been a deeper story to me. Instead, we got shallow Lucy who was allowed to pick at, complain about, and try to change her man into something else. Then she got to have her cake and eat it too when he turned into her real life dream guy. Wait...so what's the moral of this story? Because I'm thinking there isn't one if we really look at what went down. You tell me...does this sound kind of bitchy, or was it just me?"Look, I am fighting my way through school, trying to work full-time. Watching you mooch off your mom (my note - this was assumed by her) is really unattractive. I thought you were, I don't know, more than that. But I can't be with anyone who doesn't have goals and ambitions. A five-year plan at the very least."Now, I don't condone men initiating violence against women, but if I were Andy, I would have given her the finger and walked out with a hefty door slam at the very least. That was a pretty nasty assumption she made there and it wasn't attractive for the heroine at all. The story had a few clunky moments. There was a mention of Lucy's "uniquely tangy flavor," which made me crinkle my nose unfavorably. I think this might be the author's first book though, so I think the clunky moments to story ratio was lower than I've seen in other first books. Overall, this was a cute, fast and fun read. I would have loved to have seen a little more give on Lucy's part, but the outcome of the story was sweet and the chemistry was nice. I would be willing to check out another book by this author. At least she was willing to try and write a story that isn't the same as the last ten contemporaries I've read. Kudos for that. This book was provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.