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Twenty Boy Summer

Twenty Boy Summer - Sarah Ockler 2.5 stars. The beginning and end of the book were great to read and a solid 4 stars. Most of the middle part of the book was 1 star. I'm not sure what else to say. I zipped through the book fairly quickly and liked the idea for the story, but think I wanted more out of the actual vacation and "20 boy challenge" than what was given. There really weren't 20 boys (heck, not even 10!), so the title was extremely misleading. Mildish spoilers ahead :What I liked :Anna and Matt's relationship. Anna stepping out and finding Sam.Anna learning to work through her lingering feelings for Matt, and finding a way to get some sort of closure.What I didn't like :Frankie. The girl was one-dimensional. When we finally got to see her emotions, I didn't care by that point.Every single filler scene. There were a lot. I did some skimming.The loss of virginity felt very anti-climactic (HAH - double meaning).Sam. He was sweet, attractive, attentive, and uh...detached. This relationship sort of confused me. I get it when someone's extremely into another person. I also get casual relationships and flings. For some reason, I felt like the author was trying to sell us that this relationship was a bit of both, and it felt...odd.