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Onyx (Lux Novel)

Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout It's only fitting that I go back to my roots and kick this review off Obsidian StyleUp First : Bad Cop1. The first half of this book sucked hard. Go on, try to convince me that it didn't. I won't be moved. Not one interesting thing happened in the first 40 or so percent. Sexual tension? If sexual tension means Katy saying the same thing over and over and pushing Daemon away, even when he was being nice to her, that's some of the worst sexual tension I've ever seen. Where did book 1 Katy go? I miss the snark and the bite. This new insecurity thing was downright sad to watch. She questioned Daemon at every single turn, no matter how many times he tried to convince her that he cared."It's going to take a lot more than a Thanksgiving dinner and a Christmas tree to get laid."Bitch, please. I've been in your head for two books now. The ripped body, the gorgeous hair, the piercing green eyes...where is the problem exactly? I think I'd be dropping trou over a McNugget and a carnation.2. Making fun of cliches in writing, then turning around and using one is just awkward. The nice little paragraph poking fun at insta-love (this is the new trend in books lately...acting like the book is above stereotypes so people will think the story is somehow cooler than the last one they read) was sort of cancelled out by the pathetic love triangle that wasn't. There are other ways to create conflict in a relationship than moving a new boy to town. Want to know what would have worked the same exact way without being cliche? Move a new girl to town. Instead of threatening the relationship with Daemon, the new girl could have threatened the friendship with Dee. Oh wait...Dee wasn't around much in this book. Never mind.3. Enough with the fandom. I get it. This author has read most of today's well-known YA authors. I'm thinking that it's time to spread those wings and stop relying on the crutch of familiar stories to beef up background details. Even though this series does not commit the heinous crime that the Covenant series does when it comes to imitation being the most insincere form of flattery, there's still those tiny echoes of Twilight and I am Number Four creeping in. You have the "second book - almost romance with the friend," the "I can read everyone's minds but yours twist," the "you're deeply and irrevocably in love with me line," the "stalking and showing up in the bedroom moments,"...I could go on. Btw...nice touch with the Han and Leia statement near the end (won't spoil it). 4. Idiot girl was extremely idiotic. When you have a secret to tell, who do you tell? The people you know and trust...or the person you just met? By my idiot girl comment, it's apparent to see that choice two is what happened.5. A few extra random things : ~ The mention of Daemon not needing to breathe one moment, then a mention of his breath in Katy's hair the next sort of threw me off. ~ I got tired of the Bilbo, Butler, etc. nicknames after about the 5th time Daemon did it. ~ There was a lot of hair tucking going on. I think people might need to invest in some headbands.Followed By : Good Cop1. Daemon was still sexy. So, I might have mentioned that he was always hanging around, even when not wanted. I'm going to contradict my earlier statement by not caring. Sometimes I forget to be a sensible person and allow myself a day pass to swoon. This is one of these times. Sure, cocky males are a dime a dozen in YA lit. But every so often, you have one that stands out from the pack. Daemon is that one."Modesty is for saints and losers. I'm neither."2. The second half of the book was FUN. Once we got past the back-and-forth yawn-fest, the action finally kicked in. It was fun. It was fun. It was fun. Go, go alien powers!3. I like the setup for the next book. The ending was not a surprise but it did have me wishing I had book 3 right now, so I could see what happens next.4. Daemon was still sexy. It was worth mentioning twice. I love how he calls Katy, "kitten." It's really cute coming from him. Not sure why. Overall, after an extremely frustrating start, the book did eventually end up becoming an entertaining, sexy, and action-packed read.