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On the Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta Simply incredible. I cried way too much, but it was so worth it. Will review tomorrow when I can wrap my head around what to write.*moves ahead a day in time*After sleeping on it, I'm still struggling with how to write a proper review. There are some books which are virtually impossible to explain, and this is one of them. The GR book summary gives no indication what the book is really about, and truth be told, I'm not sure you'd want to know what the book is about before reading it.The first 150 pages or so are completely frustrating and confusing. I knew this ahead of time, but I also knew that just about every single person who has read this has said the exact same thing, yet still gave the book 5 stars. There is a reason for this. The first part of the book is only giving you glimpses of the player's lives and their world. It almost reminded me of one of those movies that you watch in reverse, where the ending is the beginning and the beginning is the end - yet not quite. All I can do is echo the voices of those who prodded me to read the book - DON'T GIVE UP. You will not forget this book. You will not regret reading. It is so worth the read. Keep some tissues handy.As the story unfolds, the author starts giving us a crumb of information, then another, then another. Slowly the pieces of a broken story come together as one revelation follows another in a wave - a very emotional wave at that. Just when you think you've heard it all, more starts to come. Then more, then more. Pay attention to every single character. Just about every person's life is intertwined with the other characters in this story.I'm done trying to prod you to read this. Just read it. You will not be sorry for making the effort. Please, I beg you...battle through the first part of the book (which is confusing) until you get to the part that starts to get into your soul. Let's call this a dare. I have yet to find one person who did not love this book.