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A Season of Eden

A Season of Eden - Jennifer Laurens So this wasn't what I was expecting. Maybe I've started to assume that all books about student-teacher relationships are going to be more like Boy Toy or Prey, where I'm expecting some sort of abuse or strange behavior to happen. This was not the case with ASOE.A Season of Eden turned out to be a bittersweet book, but there was more sweet than bitter in this instance, which surprised me. The scandal level was dialed way down. The friendship that started between an 18 year old (which is legal) student and her 22 year old teacher (goodness, that's young to teach) was about as shocking as a children's cartoon. If you were expecting a torrid affair like I might have been, sorry to disappoint you. Yet, I found the story to be a (somewhat) decent love story. I can't say I was all too fond of Eden's waxing poetic about her teacher love because it bordered on the obsessive. I especially was not fond of her stalking Mr. Christian (which, by the way, say this out loud : Mister Christian. I had the lyrics "Sister Christian" stuck in my head because of this...yikes.), to the point of FOLLOWING HIM HOME just to see where he lived. She waited for him before class, after class, out in the parking lot, etc. etc. etc. Most of us as teens probably arranged to "happen to be somewhere" when we knew a cute guy was going to be there, whether it was a party, at the movies, whatever. That's kind of cute. What isn't cute, is hanging around someone to the point where you're always in their shadow. What was this girl thinking? If a guy did this, people would be all over such behavior for being creepy.The part of the book that made up for some of the weirdness was the way the student and teacher did eventually decide to handle the relationship. They made the right choice and the ending didn't completely suck because of their decision. I was happy with how things turned out. I wished that just a little bit more detail had been given at the end (I felt like I was being toyed with!) but at least I wasn't bummed out either.Even though there was no sex, there was one sexy line I loved and had to quote. This is a music teacher speaking these words : "I want to play your body like an instrument." Yes, please.Overall, this book was okay, but I've seen this subject done better. If you're looking for a student-teacher book with a more serious and disturbing vibe, I'd recommend Boy Toy, which was very well done for such a sensitive subject. If you would prefer a student-teacher love story that's a bit more interesting to read, I'd pick up Vampire Academy.