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Touch (Denazen Novel)

Touch - Jus Accardo "They do not control you. You don't kill for them anymore."His voice came in soft, cracked rasps. "No, I don't. But I would kill for you. Only you."I'm fascinated with stories in which people can harm another person with a touch. I loved the way it was executed in Holly Black's Curseworkers series, so I was happy to see a similar concept introduced in this book as well. Even though the first half of Touch started sort of shaky, I felt like the second half really stepped it up on the action. My hopeful guess is that book 2 will satisfy more by filling in some missing plot holes. I'm not even going to go into my concerns about Deznee's (did anyone else go into horrific flashbacks of the name Renesmee?) blind reactions to things which she should have given more thought to. I acted much the same way as a teenager, so even though it made me uncomfortable to watch, it's probably for the fact that I had my own careless moments around the same time period. I even hid a "homeless" person in my home (long story), so I laughed with recognition over Dez's ridiculous lack of concern for her own safety.Where I did stumble the most was trying to find something to like about Kale. His character kept reminding me of Brendan Fraser's character Adam in a movie titled Blast From the Past. The character in that movie was sealed inside of a bomb shelter for most of his life, so when he emerged into the present day, he was completely clueless to what life was like. For some reason, I found this to be more annoying than cutely endearing, in both that movie and in this book. I'm sure that everyone else loved Kale's innocence, but for some reason, his character frustrated me. When your male love interest says, "Why do you care if she lets me kiss her? She holds my hand now, not yours!" ...uh...that's just awkward.I guess in the case of Dez and Kale, it's like the blind leading the blind. Kale instantly attached himself without limits to Dez, and Dez gave us this creepy gem.There was something about him that made me feel alive. More alive than any rave or cheap thrill I'd ever chased before.I'm just going to put it out there : most people don't self-reflect and self-diagnose like this. This is the kind of observation that someone else makes about you when they're about to stage an intervention on your ass. Well, maybe not the extreme crushing part, but the diagnosis of why you're chasing cheap thrills in the first place. Everyone's a critic, after all...We also had this little moment which had me making a face :Alex used to tell me he'd sneak in and watch me sleep. I always knew he was there, though, and feigned sleep, loving the idea of his eyes on me.I think someone might have been a Twilight fan? Because the mention of costumed "Bella and Edward" characters didn't escape me.Never fear though, this is no Twilight copy. If it was, I would have stopped reading.To be fair though, if I have to point out the love/drug reference with every other book, I have to do it with this one as well : Kale was truly the one fix I'd never get enough of. My nirvana.However, the second half turned it all around for me. Yay for super-powers and body-swapping and fun action sequences! There were even a few moments which had me laughing. I was really vibing on the second half of the book.It was easy to get excited about the unique traits and abilities for the "sixes" (the characters with powers). Dez's power is pretty badass, but I think one other character might have something even more valuable. Can't wait to see where the next book is going to take us. If the second half of this book is any indication, it's going to be a fun ride. I love how fearless the characters are in their pursuit of what they want because it led us on some crazy adventures in this book. And let's face it, a character who can death-touch has real possibilities. I want to see Kale break out these powers and start making people drop like flies.I felt like I said more negative about Touch than positive, but I really did end up liking it in the end and consider this to be a great first installment for a series. It will be fun to crack open book 2 later in the week!Did anyone else find themselves feeling sorry for Alex? It was probably just me, since he was sort of spun as heartless and cruel. I couldn't help but want to know more about him though. I think I was crushing on him more than Kale, which is probably warped of me. He was an interesting baddie though! (watch me chant) Alex! Alex! Alex!