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A Hidden Fire: Elemental Mysteries Book 1

A Hidden Fire - Elizabeth   Hunter 3.5 stars. This is a spoiler-free review regarding plot, but if you don't want to know what type of "beings" these guys are (I say who cares, you find out fairly early in the book), read no further. *cue ominous music*'Do you like Gio? Check yes or no.'She wrote back 'How can you be this childish after a thousand years?'The dialogue (written or spoken) was what sold me on this book. Was there a mystery happening? If so, I didn't really care. I much preferred the character interaction to the mystery of the letters. All of the characters seemed to enjoy playing off of one another, which was entertaining to witness."Should I be concerned that one of your first questions is how to kill me?"This was a decent effort for a self-published book. The writing was more polished than I'd been expecting. I did catch a few typos and repetitive gestures (such as smirking, eye rolling, and eyebrow wiggling), but the overall execution was impressive for a first-in-series book. But talk about a sense of deja vu...I had to stop my read and do a quick search in order to make sure I wasn't reading Twilight fan fiction. I didn't find anything, so I'm assuming this is not fan fiction for now. Before you start to freak out and think I'm going to say this is a Twilight copy, it's not that extreme. I found more similarities between Obsidian and Twilight than I did with this book.It was really only one scene which made me do a double take. Tell me though that this doesn't remind you of a certain scene which takes place in the forest."You--you're fast."He nodded. "I'm very fast. And very strong.""Your skin...it's pale. Really pale. And I've never seen you during the day.""And you never will," he murmured in the pulsing blue light.Her breathing picked up as a growing suspicion began to take shape. "I've never seen you eat or drink...anything."You saw it too, right?But hey, at least Gio (the lead male from this book) is not a flipping vegetarian. He has no qualms taking a bite out of a willing female, which is how I prefer my vampires to behave. And I thought Beatrice (or B) was a fun character. She's slightly off-kilter and kind of spunky, plus she wears combat boots to work at the library. While I liked Gio fine, he wasn't the big draw in my opinion. I was all team Carwyn (not that we're needing teams, since there is no love triangle). Of course I'm going to like the old-as-dirt vampire who acted like a prankster kid. Duh. That's my kind of person vampire. I had to laugh at the vampires-watching-pro-wrestling scene. It was quite amusing."Use the damn folding chair!"As we often see with UF series, there was an equal amount of emphasis put on the action and danger as there was the romance. I wouldn't have minded a little more sexual tension, but since UF series tend to drag out the tension over the course of several books, I'm guessing that we'll see more of this in the future. But at least for now, there are some other points of intrigue and danger to keep us occupied."Go to hell."A flicker of madness crept into his eyes. "Already there."I enjoyed the read enough to keep on with the series, but I still think there are a few details which could be fine-tuned (mainly with some of the transitions being less confusing). As with most series, there is generally a greater payout the longer you stick with the books, so if we only go up from here, I think this is going to work out nicely.So far, so good. I look forward to see what's up next!