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The Blessed (Blessed - Trilogy)

The Blessed - Tonya Hurley I take back every single time in the past that I've said, "what did I just read?" All of those previous times feel somehow inappropriate now, since I've just finished the mother of WTF?!? books."You aren't just being followed. You are being hunted."Seriously...WHAT DID I JUST READ? I'm not sure if I've stumbled upon pure brilliance or sheer insanity. First off, the book summary and cover were the first things to catch my eye and sucker me into wanting to read The Blessed. The stepback cover was even more awesome. I had to screencap it :Part of me thinks I should rate this book higher simply because it got me to sit on edge while I tried to figure out how everything was connected. For that, I was completely into the story. There's something about the characters which really squicked me out though. It was as if cewpie dolls came to life and met up with a sexier Jim Jones. Think The Craft meets Cruel Intentions meets Paris Hilton meets some sort of religious cult obsessed with symbolism and mysticism. I was annoyedI was disturbedI was intriguedI was slightly arousedI was ready to toss my cookiesI was so frustrated at the endI have to read the next bookThe rotating PoV of the three girls threw me off at first. The only girl I even liked was Cecilia because she seemed the most normal. Lucy was the paparazzi golden girl and Agnes was a seemingly downtrodden girl who didn't have much of a spine. But Sebastian, the guy who brought them all together...he was the most frustrating of them all. Sebastian mini-rant/mini-spoiler : I hate that Sebastian was sexualized as this super hot warrior guy who all the girls were attracted to, when he wasn't going to DO anything with anyone. I hated that he loved all of the girls in a far too angelic way. He should have been aged then to represent a father figure or something, not a HOT guy. Teasing = evil. Someone else needs to read this book because I want to inflict it on another person. I want someone else to scream WTF?!? with. I want someone who will go on this bizarre journey with me as I continue the series. Yes, I am cruel like that."You are (this)," Sebastian said ominously. "There is no army of angels coming to save you.""Three girls and a guy from Brooklyn.""Why not," he said simply.His words hung in the air like a punishment. A death sentence.