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Want - Stephanie Lawton When we sin again, I think I could be in love with the devil.I tip my invisible hat to Stephanie Lawton for writing such a beautifully flawed book.Dust motes float in the air, dancing it seems to the quiet energy of his music. I feel his sadness now more than ever. He says much, much more through the piano than he ever does with his spare words.My blind assumption that this was just another student/teacher affair was completely wrong. This is not your run-of-the-mill Mary Kay Letourneau story."He's not a challenge. He doesn't put me in my place or tell me I can do better. He doesn't piss me off, doesn't make me want things I shouldn't want, and he doesn't make me feel." I reach out and place a trembling hand on the side of his neck. "That's you."This is a dark tale. Redemption is limited, so if you're looking for everything to be wrapped up in tidy sort of way, you'll be in for a disappointment. What you will find is a story of want, need, hurt, regret, missed opportunities, new beginnings and self-realization. This author gave me nothing I asked for, nothing I wanted, yet I found myself believing in the outcome. She took away my desire for how I thought things should happen and replaced it with an appreciation for the possibility of what could be. I could have been angry with how badly the lot of these characters screwed up. Each and every single person (except for possibly one) went off the deep end. The events of this book had me wanting to talk sense into most of the people involved. Yet, somehow, everything came together and made me fall in love with the book regardless of faulty actions on the part of the characters.There is no adequate way to summarize Want. If I said it was a story about a music teacher and his student fumbling their way through confused feelings, then I would be doing a disservice to the book. If I said it was about a tired, abused girl who was trying to reach for her dreams in order to get out of the torturous hell she lives in, then I wouldn't be painting a big enough picture. This book shows how a story about pain can be just as beautiful as a story about joy."You didn't leave me. You're the only one."