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Sins & Needles (The Artists Trilogy)

Sins & Needles - Karina Halle Revenge never felt so good.In this game of deception and lies will anyone come out a winner?4.5 stars. This is the brand of drama I can subscribe to. By now, you all know that I loathe drama for the sole purpose of shock value. But when you add drama into a story which has some teeth to it, I'll be up front and center waiting to see what happens next. There's something about the vibe of this book which reminds me of how I felt when I read Tiffanie DeBartolo's - How to Kill a Rock Star for the first time. I was highlighting everything like crazy in HTKARS, but when it came time to review, I could not think of what to write. It wasn't until my second read through before I could finally come up with something halfway legible other than "buh." I think I'm sort of having the same problem with Sins & Needles. There is something about the flow of this book which took me back to how I felt when reading HTKARS. When you put music and art and feelings into a jar and shake them up with the unfortunate trials of being human, you get an experience which pulls you into its grip.Never commit a crime when you're the only one to blame.Our players in this story are flawed. Both are scarred - inside and out. Ellie is trying to run from her past, only to find that it's catching up with her. These two worlds couldn't have collided at a better - or worse time. "But then I wouldn't be who I am. I don't want to hide myself. I'm not ashamed of being Camden McQueen. Are you ashamed of being Ellie Watt?""Yes," she said softly.I thought the past and present swaps were executed well enough. The switching of scenes from first person over to singular third person took some getting used to, but once you make it past a couple of chapters, it becomes an easier transition. At least there were handy little past and present headers so you weren't completely out of the loop (believe me, I've seen books which haven't done this and it's not fun to have to flip back pages in order to figure out what just happened).What have you already found out about this story from other reviews? I'm sure you've already been told that Camden is smoking hot. I'm also pretty sure that you've seen at least one person mention the great sexual energy. You've also probably been told that the shit hits the fan more than once. Because, after all, there are bad people out there looking to make trouble for Ellie and Camden. So I won't rehash any of that. Where Sins & Needles won me over was with the emotional connection. From the past to the present, you FELT the pain and the loss which had rocked Ellie and Camden to the core. These two broken people had reasons to want to destroy one another, yet neither one of them could seem to completely let the other go. Throughout the entire book, I was never really sure which direction we were headed in. In one moment, I would wonder if every word was tied back to a scam, while in the next I was rooting for them to end up together. I absolutely love when scenarios keep me guessing. It wouldn't be surprising to me if I was still guessing as more of the story unfolds in future installments of the series.Which brings us to the cliffhanger question...Yes. Sort of. Maybe? I guess there was a 'technical' cliffhanger. But it wasn't in the way where I found myself pissy and wanting to know if I would end up hating a person in the next book. I say read this anyway. Just do it. Random extra : I want to make out with authors who give me great one-liners.He was pale, as if he was in witness protection from the sun.Get your head out of your vagina.Definitely not a Morgan Freeman fan.Someone can look like a tattooed, muscular god and still be terribly insecure about his Dumbo ears."Cash?" "Might as well be douchebag."I will now wrap up my vague-ish review (I really didn't want to summarize much because it would spoil the element of surprise) with a little disclaimer :Karina sent me a copy of Sins & Needles for review. She gave me free reign to slam the hell out of her book if I wanted to, knowing full well that I'm not going to mince words if I don't like what I'm reading, even if the book was gifted to me. So my stamp of approval is only going on the book because I honestly loved this.I mean, how could I not? Once you meet Camden, you'll get what I mean."Can it be so bad?" he whispered. "How can someone as pretty as you have anything that would make her less?"